🍅LIVE: Answers to Garden Questions on Peas, Indoor Gardening & Growing Tomatoes in Winter (REPLAY)

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Today I share answers to this week’s garden questions on peas, indoor gardening, growing tomatoes in winter.

*No Monday livestream on 12/23/19 or 12/30/19 (Holiday Break). Monday Livestream will resume on 1/6/20, noon, PT.

Join me in person (or online for the livestream) at a Book Signing Launch Party, 12/28/19, 2 pm, PT. Help me kick off the release of my new garden book, Organic Gardening for Everyone, Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy (No Experience Required). I can’t wait to meet you – and share my book with you!

Come with family & friends, meet new garden friends, get your book signed and paint your own garden art to take home and “plant” outside.

Step-by-step painting instructions given by local artists – no experience required! Sip your favorite beverage, relax after the holiday rush, and enjoy some music while you paint.

If you live anywhere in So Cali, we’d love to see you there! 🙂 A free CaliKim Seed Collection for all who attend.

WHERE: Painting with a Twist (Thousand Oaks, CA), a paint and sip art entertainment studio, https://www.paintingwithatwist.com/studio/thousand-oaks/.

WHEN: December 28, 2-5 pm, PT

WHO: gardeners ages 13 and above
The studio has 2 rooms that will be used for the event:
ArtBar (ages 21+ 🍷)
PaintShop ( ages 13+)

Limited availability, deadline to reserve your spot is 12/20/19 or when event sells out.
Click below to sign up:
ArtBar (21+ 🍷): http://bit.ly/CaliKimBookSigningEvent21
PaintShop (13+): http://bit.ly/CaliKimBookSigningEventPaintRoom13
Use passcode “CALIKIM” to register.

Signed, personalized copies of my new book are now available at https://calikimgardenandhome.com/books/organic-gardening-for-everyone/. A very limited amount of signed, personalized NUMBERED, FIRST EDITION copies are also available, but are going fast, get your order in before they run out!

Digital table of contents:
1:30 Book Launch Signing Party!
3:47 Viewers of the week
9:38 #1 Soaking Peas?
17:33 #2 Hanging Basket for Peas?
22:58 #3 How about a dome cover for indoor seedlings?
27:42 #4 Can I grow tomatoes in winter?

Watch more garden videos:
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