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Hey, guys! Watch this video and find brilliant ideas you will want to share with your friends! You will learn the easiest way to eat pineapples, a lot of recipes for a waffle iron, the easiest way to crack walnuts. If it’s hard for you to eat rice with chopsticks, you will live the lifehack we shared. You will need clothespin and chopsticks. Remove the spring from a wooden clothespin and insert between two chopsticks.
You will love waffle iron recipes we share! These helpful ideas will totally change your cooking routine. You will learn such quick recipes: cheese waffles, waffle cones, quick mini pizza, brownie waffle sundae, waffle ice-cream cake. All the recipes we prepared are so easy and quick that you can prepare for dinner with friends really fast and without any special cooking skills. Let’s start from quick and very tasty appetizer – mini pizza. Place dough on the waffle iron, grate cheese and cover the dough with it, add onions, cured bacon, more cheese, and cover with the second part of the dough. Potato waffles are very delicious and here is a quick recipe: grate few potatoes, add an egg, cut onion flour, and salt. Mix the ingredients and cook in a waffle iron. One more cool idea is to make cheese waffles in 1 minute! People who love cheese will adore the next recipes. First of all, buy a lot of cheese😊 Cut the mozzarella into equal squares, roll the cheese in flour and dip into egg wash and roll in bread crumbs. After that cool mozzarella squares in a waffle iron. One more recipe of cheese waffles: grate chicken and cheese, add tomato paste and set aside. Take the dough and make squares with stuffing you already made. Enjoy!

00:09 Chopstick trick
00:35 Clever way to eat pineapple
01:10 Waffle iron recipes
01:55 Waffle ice-cream cones
02:38 Mini pizza recipe
03:52 Brownie waffle sundae

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