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Korean beauty culture and skincare products have become incredibly popular later all over the world. Skincare routine from Korea differs from the European ones and has new approaches, for example, it’s better to prevent skin aging problems than to treat them. In this video, we share the secrets of Korean natural skincare routine. You will find a lot of beauty recipes that you can easily make at home and save budget:
-If you are out of makeup remover, you can easily replace it with coconut oil
-Mix aloe vera gel with lemon juice, apply this mixture and leave for 5 minutes and rinse
-Make a facial toner from tomato juice and honey. Apply this mask using a makeup brush. Leave a mask for 5 minutes and rinse
-Mix rice flour, aloe vera, lemon juice. Stir properly. Gently exfoliate your skin
-You will be surprised but you can make a facial mask from green tea. Mix green tea with cucumber juice
-Facial serums are very pricey but you can save money by making it at home. You can make it out of natural ingredients: mix 2 tbs of jojoba oil, 1 tbs rosehip, 2 drops of carrot essential oil, 3 drops frankincense EO, 1 drop geranium EO, 8 drops lavender EO
-If you have dry skin try to make facial moisturizer to nourish your skin. In a bowl, mix rose petals, 5 tbs milk and beat using a blender. Add 2 tbs jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, 7 drops lavender essential oil. Facial moisturizer is a perfect way to prevent age lines and wrinkles
-There is another beauty recipe that you can use if you have ashy elbows, you will need rice flour, turmeric, yogurt, and water

01:12 Homemade facial toner
02:06 Green tea sheet mask
02:51 Homemade facial serum
05:56 Whipped cream for dry hair
04:51 Use mouthwash to combat dandruff

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