3 Days in Rome – What To See and Do

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It is  important to know how to organize a 3 days in Rome trip.

Walk along the Via del Corso and stumble face to face with Piazza Spagna, eat a pizza in Trastevere, contemplate the Tiber illuminated with the light of the moon and enjoy the best chocolate ice cream in front of the Fontana Di Trevi are some of the wonders that you can live in Rome .

However, the Eternal City is one of those destinations that even if you visit every year there is always something new to surprise you, so it does not matter if this is your first or fifth time in Rome, the important thing is to know how to organize a 3 days in Rome tripWe show it in detail in this article.

Steps to follow:
1. There are many historical, architectural, religious and gastronomic attractions offered by the Italian capital , so it is advisable to make an itinerary of no less than two days that covers all the places you wish to visit.
This trip, more than a pleasant investment, is a cultural investment that will allow you to know and fully experience the hectic rhythm of Roman life and the jocular idiosyncrasies of Italian.
2. The first thing to organize a trip to Rome trip  is to decide how many days you will be visiting this huge city.
Take into account that there are many attractions to see in Rome, so it is possible that if you travel two days do not reach to know it thoroughly and to experience that Italian atmosphere that permeates the city.

It is advisable to take a 3 days in Rome trip so you can move around the city, which is quite large, and enter the different attractions.

Take into account that if you want to take advantage and visit the Vatican , you will lose a day, not by distance, but because the Basilica of St. Peter and the Vatican Museums are very crowded and a very long walk, with queues and many tourists.

3 days in rome
3. Once you have decided the days of your stay you should focus on the most difficult part of organizing a trip to Rome: the budget. 
The Italian capital is not exactly one of the most economical cities in Europe and, like Paris, London and New York, it is such an emblematic destination that its high season lasts 365 days a year, which makes the lodging and the food is expensive.

If you have little budget, it is advisable to avoid staying near emblematic places such as the Fontana Di Trevi or the Roman Colosseum, because although it is a privileged location to move around the city, the prices per night can be more expensive.

You can contemplate the option of staying in a hostel or a three-star hotel outside the city center.

Another important fact for your budget is that you know that even a simple food menu in Rome can cost 18 euros.

4. Budget ready? Let’s go for a 3 days in Rome trip! Make a list of all the attractions you want to visit and distribute them by day according to their location.
The ideal is that you group in one day those places that are close to others to give you the time. In Rome there are many, many, city ​​tours that take you to tour the city by bus, the bad thing is that many of these do not have a complete historical guide on each traction.

For this reason, we recommend that you venture on a 3 days in Rome free tour . There are many companies that offer free tours around the city in the company of a well-studied guide on Roman history who, in addition to showing you the most emblematic places of the city, will tell you the importance and origin of them: No waste!

At the end of the tour, the guide will tell you to collaborate economically with what you can contribute.

You can also call the hotel you have chosen to stay and ask if they offer guides or excursions organized by themselves.

This can facilitate transportation to tourist sites and can be much more comfortable for those who are not able to walk so much around the city. Here we give you our list of the most important monuments of Rome .

3 days in rome

5. Rome is a very big city and has many places to visit, so to organize a 3 days in Rome trip we recommend you check the Internet for the opening hours and days of the attractions you want to visit.
Many museums offer free admission some days of the week, you can check which are to see if they coincide with your stay and save some money.
3 days in rome
6. If you plan to do religious tourism , then we have a super recommendation to organize a trip to Rome: buy preferential tickets to enter the Vatican Museums.
They are expensive, yes, but this will allow you to save at least three hours of queue and make better use of your day.
These tickets include a super complete audio guide in all languages ​​on every corner of the museums, the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of San Pedro , where the walk ends.
 If you want to attend a Mass officiated by the Pope, you should know that this happens on Sundays, if you want to attend an audience you have to sign up on a list online almost a year in advance.

We also suggest NOT doing the temples route in a single day, because these emblematic churches are not located near each other, which will take you to waste time and a full day.

3 days in rome
7. Find out about public transport in Rome. In general, it is quite easy to get around by metro and bus, since taxis are very expensive in the Eternal City.
 When you arrive at your hotel, ask for a map of the metro and the city so you can locate yourself.
Similarly, it is better to print one from Google to get oriented.

Do not forget before traveling that you should look for how to get from Fiumicino Airport or Termini Station to your hotel.

It is important that you find out this route so that you avoid getting lost when you arrive or take a very expensive taxi to your hostel.

8. We can not stop recommending you enjoy a lot of the cuisine of this city, there are those who say that in Rome you eat badly, but we assure you that if you move away from the tourist restaurants you will find the true taste of Italian food.
The Trastevere is one of the best places in Rome to eat, full of many restaurants of local food and the most frequented by the Romans to enjoy a delicious pasta accompanied by an authentic Italian wine area, its atmosphere and its architecture will captivate you.
In Rome, do not stop drinking coffee, eat ice cream, try the mortadella sandwiches, order a calzone, try different wines and refresh yourself with an Italian beer.
9. Be careful in Rome when crossing the streets and avenues! If you have ever seen Italian cinema and you think it is an exaggeration what they show about how the Romans lead, it is now that you know that it is not fiction, nor magical realism, it is pure reality.
Attentive when crossing any street or avenue and, preferably, crossing at the same time as the Italians, they know very well the “pedestrian rules” of their city and they will open the way for you to cross.
 Although it sounds chaotic, it’s a super fun experience.

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