This time you will find a lot of ideas that will make you say wow. We prepared a selection of various household, décor and beauty lifehacks that you will love.
Stop doing everything and start watching these awesome tutorials:
– If you have overhanging eyelids, watch the tutorial on how to use scotch tape to solve this problem
– Use tweezers to contour your nose. This lifehack will help you to save a lot of time
– Create fake freckles using mehndi cone
– Check out a brilliant lifehack on how to choose the right color of foundation
– You will find a handy lifehack on how to apply lipstick
– Shave your legs using conditioner
– You can use lip gloss as eyeshadows
– Use sticky tape to make your belly look skinnier
– You can use sticky tape to temporarily tighten the skin around the neck and you will look much younger
– Replicate fingerprints using lipstick and sticky tape
– You can make cute and cheap earrings using decorative tape
– Check out how to make storage items for your home
– Use Coke to clean ceramic tile in the bathroom
– Clean eyeglasses using Coke
– Reuse soda cans and make cute lamps
– Use a plastic bottle to separate yolks from whites
– Dry wet socks using a hair drier
– If the cord is too long, check out how to transform straight cable into a coiled one. It will take less place and gets less tangled and looks a whole lot better
– Watch the tutorial on how to make decorate s beautiful vase using crayons. Put crayons of the color you like into the vase and melt them using a hairdryer
– Usually, we waste up to 20% of the foundation because can’t get it out of a bottle. There is a cool way to save your budget – use a hairdryer to get every drop of foundation

02:06 How to choose the right foundation tone
03:35 Use sticky tape to look skinnier
09:58 Crazy uses of Coke
13:09 Stylish handmade vase
16:18 How to decorate a bag

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