5 Powerful Reiki Symbols – Meanings and Usage

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There are a total of 5 Reiki symbols that can be activated by drawing them by hand, visualizing them, or by vocalizing their name either silently to oneself or out loud.

The important thing is not the method that one chooses to use Reiki, but our intention when we channel it and use Reiki.

For some, simply thinking about the symbol is enough to activate its strength and power.

Reiki symbols are considered sacred symbols and originate from ancient times in Japan, Tibet and India.

 They existed before the use of Dr. Usui and therefore are not exclusive to Reiki. For example, the first two Reiki symbols are believed to originate from Sanskrit.

Traditionally, symbols have been kept secret from the public, however, as a result, a lot of misconceptions have arisen as to the meaning and power of symbols.

 I believe that in this moment of spiritual growth and expansion, the public has the right to know what the symbols represent and the attributes they possess. 

The secrets are for control and power, everyone has the right to understand what Reiki is and how it works. 

There is no need to cling to secrets, after all it is about information that comes from Divine Consciousness and therefore is available to all of us, not just to a select few.

Everything you need to know about Reiki

For many, the power and effectiveness of a Reiki symbol can be experienced after learning to draw it, to pronounce it, and to feel the symbol.

Initiation is a central part of the Reiki process in which the energies of each symbol enter the aura, mind and body of the student, linking and connecting the student with each symbol.

After initiation, each time the student uses the symbol, the same energies to which they were connected during the initiation are now activated and flow automatically.

The initiation of each student is guided by a superior force, which allows each student to experience the Reiki symbols in a unique way.


For this same reason, I only accept a maximum of 5 students in a group since initiation is a sacred moment between the student, the Reiki teacher and the Divine.

Reiki symbols act as keys, which activate a higher form of energy. Each symbol has its own unique vibration and function.

The symbols can be used individually or in combination with others. I often like to combine the symbols in a treatment because I think they are more powerful when used together.

In addition, it is important not only to draw the symbols, but to learn to feel them energetically.

The symbols can be used for human beings, animals, plants, our homes, our world, everything that surrounds us, since everything is susceptible to energy.

Some people even have the symbols under their massage table or their bed to energize these areas.

When we transmit Reiki energy, we not only transmit the energy through our hands, but through our entire body.

The vibration of our energy field changes helping us to heal ourselves and our patient.



THE CHO KU REI – Reiki Symbols
Cho Ku Rei
The symbol Cho Ku Rei is said to have originated in Tibet. It can be drawn clockwise or counterclockwise.

Use your intuition to see which way suits you best.

If you draw it as a 3-dimensional symbol that is said to bring in much more power.

The word Cho means curved sword or draw the curved line.

Ku means to penetrate to make a hole, a space where there is nothing and Rei means transcendental spirit, mystic power and essence.

In other words, “May all the power of the Universe be here” or “God is here.”

THE SEI HEI KI – Reiki Symbols

Sei Hei Ki

The symbol is based on Japanese history and culture. 

The general meaning of this symbol is that God and man become one. 

The SHK vibrates on the emotional plane, while the CKR vibrates on the physical plane. 

It is the key to releasing emotional and physical blocks, also helping to cure addictions.

 To live in a healthy state we must allow our emotions to move and flow. 

Many times the disease originates from old sorrows, anguish, disappointment, shame or stuck emotions. This symbol clears and releases to give place to light to enter.



THE HON SHA ZE SHO NEN – Reiki Symbols

Hon Sha Ze Sho NenIt originated in Japan. The symbol works beyond time and space, try sending energy to people in the past, present or future. 

The meaning of this symbol is that there are no limits of time and space. 

Translated literally means “without past, neither present, nor future.” 

Hon means the center, the essence, the origin. Sha means bright. 

Ze means moving on the right path. Sho means objective, integrity, being wise and honest. Nen means stillness, thoughts, ideas. 

The symbol opens the invisible world for us and reminds us that the universe has no limits. 

When remote healing is done let the energies flow where they need to go. 

Doing Reiki remotely will work in the energy body of the receptors, Chakras and his / her Aura. 

EL DAI KO MYO – Reiki Symbols

Dai Ko Myo

The Dai Ko Myo transmits the initiation to the student.

In addition the symbol is believed to have originated in Tibet and is considered one of the most important and powerful symbols.

It connects deeply with the heart, the essence of our being, the center of our spiritual body.

When we use the Dai Ko Myo we go to the cradle of the disease or the ailment.

As we know, usually the source of the disease is not in the physical body, but it can be the result of unresolved emotions, of the old karma manifesting itself, and genetic inheritance.

The DaiKo Myo is not used simply to alleviate the problem, but to help assist in modifying the actual basis of the discomfort.

THE RAKU – Reiki Symbols

The Raku

The symbol of Raku is connected with the illumination, the brilliant ray of light that illuminates us the awakening, while we are still in human body. 

Raku is like fire directing its energy through the natural channels of energy within the body. 

The lightning during a storm is the manifestation of the energy turning and then going to its pole to earth. 

In the same way the Raku ground the energy, binding and sealing the connection within you. The Raku should be used only for alignments or initiations and not for healing sessions.

 The Raku is not a symbol of healing.




Benefits of reiki

Reiki is a Sanskrit word that means universal energy ( rei ) and vital energy (ki). 

It is a technique that helps the flow of energy through massage or postures applied by the specialized therapist .

Acts in the following ways on the body: 

  • Physics: Improves injuries and metabolism.
  • Emotional: Relaxes the person and gives an emotional balance in cases of depression.
  • Mental: Help in insomnia and stress.
  • Spiritual: Balances harmony and inner peace 

The therapy can be used by all types of people, from a child to an elderly person, and even women in a state of pregnancy.

The therapy is provided in a complementary way to conventional medical diagnoses or psychological treatments.

Reiki is basically based on the theory of the chakras.

In this way it is easy for the therapist to know what is the basis of the problem, as it proceeds to unblock the blocked chakra that impedes the flow of energy.

The therapist acts as a channel for the universal energy and its objective is to harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes affected.

What is Reiki for?

reiki chakras

It is normal that, with the passing of days, our body is deteriorating, and for this reason are blocked vital energy points or chakras.

This is where reiki intercedes and helps the state of health better.

When our vital energy is strong, it is easy physically, mentally and spiritually healthy to find us .

When our vital energy is obstructed, we can become unbalanced or easily sick . One of the ways we can replenish vital energy is by using reiki symbols.

Reiki is a holistic technique , since it harmonizes and unlocks all planes of the human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It does not harm the body in any way, nor does it create addiction or side effects, since chemical substances or elements foreign to the body are not used, but only the vital energy  that is present in every living being.

Reiki symbols can be used to:

  • Release repressed emotions.
  • Provide physical vitality
  • Revitalize the organism
  • Increase the effects of medical treatment when used in a complementary way, never replacing it.
  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety.
  • Help eliminate daily stress.
  • Migraines, depression, menstrual pains, constipation.
  • Help cleanse the body and mind of all kinds of toxins.
  • Pregnancy and postpartum.
  • It can be used to help  animals  and plants.

It is not necessary to have a disease to use reiki therapy , since it is apt to provide relaxation in times of stress.

With this method, we can help our body to become healthier, calm down bad thoughts and increase the symptoms of joy.

Reiki in the healing crisis 

Reiki symbols

A healing crisis is, in a few words, a process that is activated in our being.


Through this our physical body releases toxins that negatively affect our organs and our mental-emotional body releases emotions and generates negative thoughts.

Symptoms we can experience

Among the emotional symptoms that we can present in a healing therapy include:

  • Go to
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Hate
  • Anxiety

The physical symptoms that may occur include:

  • Excessive sweat
  • Increase in urine
  • Vomiting
  • Cold or flu
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Past pains

Each person responds to treatment in a different way. In general, to undergo a healing crisis, a treatment of several sessions must be carried out.

A reiki session

Reiki symbols

During a reiki treatment, the patient lies comfortably, while the therapist uses the reiki energy to eliminate energetic blockages and balance the life force of the patient.

Reiki treats the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part of each person, helping to root cure the disease.

It also helps the patient to put aside the limitation of negative thoughts that can block progress in life.

Most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation while receiving a reiki therapy.

Once the session is over, they feel calmer, connected with their pole to the ground, refreshed and energized.

  • A reiki session can last approximately one hour and the patient will remain lying on a stretcher, barefoot and dressed.
  • During the session soft music and aromas such as incense or essences are used.

Do you dare to try it?


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