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Africa penetrates under the skin, whether you visit it for the first time or travel frequently there.

The canvas on which the epic history of this continent is written is extraordinary, and sufficient reason to visit it: from the tropical rain forests and the splendid tropical coast of Central Africa to the sinuous dunes of the Namib desert; from the distinctive Savannah of the Serengeti to the highlands of rugged mountains dyed green and the deep canyons that plow through the Great Rift Valley.

At any point of this enormous and precious continent, one discovers that the natural beauty of Africa has hardly any rival.

An ark of Noah full of life African landscapes, with a tangible and sometimes deeply mysterious presence that brings great charisma to African nature.

Many of the great beasts, including elephants, hippos and lions, live in Africa.

A photographic safari may seem like a cliché, but we have not yet met a single traveler who, after observing the wildlife in movement in the Masai Mara, contemplate the epic combats between predator and prey in the Okavango delta, or be in contact with gorillas and see hippos in Gabon, do not marvel like a child.

The new Africa
The past is very present in the life of many Africans, but many others have launched into the future, bringing creativity and sophistication to the cities and urban centers of the continent. Sometimes this new Africa is expressed in a search, as creative as conservative, for solutions to their environmental problems, or in the impetus to free themselves from the restrictive chains of the past and transform the traveling experience. In the same way, modern Africans take everything new and fuse it with the best of the old.

Ancient Africa
In this continent where human life emerged, customs, traditions and ancient rites bind Africans to their ancestors and past generations, and to the collective memory of thousands of people.

In many rural areas it seems that the modern world does not exist and that the old way of doing things – with dignity and civility, hospitality and community spirit – survives.

There are consecrated ceremonies, music from the era of the glorious empires of Africa, and masks that tell stories of the worlds of spirits that never disappeared. Welcome to ancient Africa.

How to plan your trip to Africa – by Africa tours word search

Consider that the origin of man and civilization took place in AFRICA makes this continent one of the most exciting and curious in the world. For many traveling to Africa sounds too remote, as if it were a place that only comes with fantasy, however planning this trip is much easier than you think.

What to do in Africa:

Imagine being able to do any of the following things:

  • Observe gorillas and rhinoceroses in their natural habitat
  • Photographing crocodiles, lions or some wild animal hunting food
  • Go jeep safari to run along with the herds
  • Contemplate the wonderful and incredible African sunset
  • Bathe with sharks, dive or surf on its incredible beaches
  • Get up close with tribal cultures and their customs
  • Enjoy different foods and fruits that you did not know
  • Cross deserts and dunes with camels
  • Contemplate great constructions that are part of the beginning of the history of humanity

These among many others are great experiences that must be done at least once in a lifetime.


Getting to do some safaris is possible through agencies that have the permits to enter the reserves and natural parks of Africa. These condition jeeps with the outdoor roof from which splendid photos of the wildlife can be made. From there you can see hunts among wild animals, herds moving through the savanna, rivers with hippos and crocodiles and many other surprises that will remain in your memory forever. Recommended is to stay and explore prices in the destination as you can find good bargaining prices.

These images do not do justice to the thousands of memories that you are going to collect on your trip to Africa.

Travel to Africa -

Visiting the local tribes and knowing their customs is another interesting activity that can be done. When the season allows it, they also organize stealthy walks to the gorilla mountains . Seeing animals in their own habitat is a different and savage universe that is not even compared to seeing them bored and sleepy in zoos.


Vaccines to travel to Africa:

The most common vaccines are:

  • Yellow fever (usually recommended)
  • Hepatitis A    (usually recommended)
  • Viral triple: Measles, rubella, mumps (recommended independently of taking a trip)
  • Tetanus (recommended independently of taking a trip)
  • Hepatitis B (recommended independently of taking a trip)
  • Polio (special situations depending on travel conditions)
  • Typhoid (special situations depending on travel conditions)
  • Diphtheria (special situations depending on travel conditions)

Among the most common diseases that attack tourists are those derived from food and mosquitoes . It is essential that you drink decontaminated or bottled water only. 

Get travel insurance:

The last thing you want is possibly having to deal with foreign languages ​​or taking on unexpected expenses. An insurance that covers your health is essential to undertake this journey.

Get accommodation in Africa:

Consider that you may be making long walks and getting exhausted to the accommodation that you may only use to sleep. Or, there are others that can add a little pleasure to have a pool or a nice view in the middle of nature. There are bungalows in the trees, cabins in front of the beach, hostels to meet other travelers or services with everything included: it is up to you to evaluate it.

What to wear in the backpack:

Are you going in winter or summer? Are you going to the jungle, beaches or desert? How long are you traveling? Regardless of these answers, it would be ideal to have good shoes for these walks. Essential would be things like repellent and blocker, especially considering that mosquitoes are transmitters of dangerous diseases.

Best times to travel to Africa: – by Africa tours word search

Rwanda: In Virunga volcanoes it rains almost all year so traveling at one time or another is more important in regard to temperature. The hottest months are January and February, while the coldest months are July and August. April still maintains a good temperature during the day, and refreshes a little at night. To see gorillas you usually need to wear waterproof clothing and good boots. It is a tropical rainforest and it rains a lot, even out of season.

Kenya and Tanzania: During April we find the first month of long rains. This means that probably in the evenings / nights you encounter a storm during the safari. Although there are muddy roads and sometimes even vehicles get stuck, consider that with the rain the temperature is a bit lower and it is possible to find the active animals loitering during the day. You will thus have more opportunities to see the lions playing or walking instead of just lying in the shade. Also, instead of 30 or 35 degrees during the day you can find a pleasant 25 that will make your visit more satisfying. The vehicles are prepared for the safari, because they are closed and the roof is raised protecting both the sun and the rain.

Ideal is to visit Kenya and Tanzania from July to mid-October . The reason is because, the migration goes through the first natural obstacle: the Grumeti river and its big coconuts, and the next, the Mara river, staying in Masai Mara, those four months, with different steps / crosses on the Mara.
Towards the middle of October, again, they decide to return to the Serengeti, with the arrival of the rains and new pastures, being a whole cycle, repeated year after year.

South Africa: April is a totally dry season. The rains in Cape Town do not start until the end of May / June, and the temperature is very pleasant. It does not make the heat of January and February (35 degrees) nor the cold of July and August. It is a spring weather and the days are still relatively long.

Zambia: April is undoubtedly the best month of the year, since it is the month in which the Falls have the greatest water flow (up to 900 million liters per second!). Right after the rains in Angola in February and March, April is the month when these rains reach the Zambezi, so the amount of water is really spectacular.

Search for flight opportunities: – by Africa tours word search

Countries recommended to start: Kenya and Tanzania where are the best safaris, Morocco for its proximity to Europe and the African deserts or the cosmopolitan South Africa for these well connected by air and land in addition to having beautiful beaches. Find cheap flights to Africa here considering the best seasons to the destination you want.

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