Amaralis Care, Meaning, Colors and Much More

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The amaralis flower is special in different colors and shapes, apart from having beautiful colors it has leaves of soft and very striking textures.

These plants are ideal in the yards or gardens of the houses are ideal for reproduction, because they can last up to 70 years but to ensure that they are kept for all this time you must be very careful from the beginning of your first birth until the last.

Although it is not the same flower is of the same seed, for this reason we will give you different tricks for take care of the amaralis without dying from carelessness or other reasons.

The amaralis come in different presentations so to speak they are known as orange amaralis, pink amaralis, white amaralis and red amaralis, these beautiful flowers not only have different colors turn the leaves of the flowers They are of various sizes.

amaryllis flower

The scientific name of the amaralis flower is hippeastrum and belongs to the Amarilidaceae family.

These plants are native to Central America, South and Central America, among the best known countries are found in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and even in Africa, these places are varied according to the type of flower, of course it is of the species of amaralis although different species of the same.

The most important of these flowers are the care, the reproductions and the place where it is placed, because although the care is the best they must be in certain places either for rest, reproduction or flowering.

These plants have characteristics very similar to most of the plants, although like any object you must know their descriptions very well to be able to distinguish one from the other, in the case of the plants the descriptions are very important as this helps the person to Do not make mistakes when buying it, either for a gift or to reproduce at home, as well as the characteristics, care and reproduction of amaralis should be taken into account the different varieties of these beautiful plants.

Meaning of amaralis 

The amaralis are beautiful flowers of different colors and varieties, these plants are excellent for decorating the patios of the houses or the office, in any place that has the conditions that we will name later we can have the amaralis, these flowers are leaves thick can be planted in pots or not very large spaces.

The amaralis flower is ideal to decorate different spaces, it is also quite diverse because beyond the beautiful colors it has different leaves that can be called as double amaralis, giant amaralis or triple amaralis, they can be known by other names depending on the place where they are, they are very common in America.

Care of amaralis

The care of the flower of amaralis is a very important part that must be taken into account before having these plants at home or in the office, because if you do not have the necessary care they will not survive the life time stipulated for each plant, is like all plants and flowers have a life cycle, this same life cycle will last as long as the person wants.

When I refer to the time in which the person wants is because each plant can be reproduced for each bulb of the same, although there are necessary times in which you should be aware to cut the stems and reproduce them again.

But this fact will be discussed later, this time we will discuss the necessary care of amaralis when they are big and strong. For these flowers to be so must be very careful and responsibility, when I refer to responsibility is because it is not enough  just water and fertilize, it is necessary to go a little further to make these plants are beautiful and shiny.

In some cultures or societies it is held as a belief that plants are living, that they listen and feel, when they are spoken and caressed they can be much brighter and even release new children, this belief goes beyond the everyday, It may or may not be taken into account at the time of keeping these beautiful flowers.

Irrigation is very necessary to maintain these plants, although most people know that water is essential to live in the case of plants is the same, because they must be well hydrated to not die dry for this reason échale water to your amaralis. 

Water your amaryllis

When you are going to irrigate the amaralis you must be very careful because you should not irrigate too much or too little. In turn, they should be watered in their stems because if the flowers are watered they can be wilted occasionally, that is why the care of the amaralis are very necessary, especially irrigation.

When these plants are very young or newly born or flowered they should be provided with little water so they do not drown, as they grow they will be placing a little more water.

The time of year is a fundamental part for irrigation depending on where you are and what season of the year you are living, if it is hot it is important to keep the plants hydrated, they are watered very carefully from the root or the land without touching the flowers, two to three times a week, now if the weather is a little colder the plants will not need too much watering, so they should be watered only once a week so that they do not have too much water or too little water.

The fertilization of the plants is very necessary, as these plants are not very large you can use fertilizers that can be obtained in the stores of plants or some homemade such as coffee for example, this will help the plant stay with more life .

There are different fundamental factors so that these beautiful plants stay the necessary time, one of them is the temperature, although the plants are watered according to their weather, they must also be in cool places, not very exposed to sunlight. This means that can be placed near the sun’s rays but very carefully that we hit them directly to the flowers or the stem, because they are very delicate and can wither in sunlight, but with this I am not saying that they should be in closed places.

When the amaralis or amaralis flower is withered by its life time, it is necessary to cut it so that it does not wither its companions, normally these will die over time, but to last much longer the bulbs can be transplanted very carefully.

The care of these plants are the most important, because not having the necessary care will probably die before time and the transplant can not be done.

How to reproduce amaralis?

As for how to reproduce the amaralis flower, we know that the reproduction of these beautiful plants is very easy, it only takes a lot of patience while the growth process is taking place little by little. There are two ways to reproduce the amaralis one is through the replanting of the bulbs and the other, it is through the seeds but, before replanting it must go through different processes.

Before indicating the processes we will pay attention where these beautiful plants should be grown; before reproducing them, you must take into account where you are going to put them. First of all, it should be a place where the sunlight and the shade of it reach easily (previously said that these plants can not withstand direct sunlight is true but from time to time you should receive sunlight directly so that it will give more life).


  • Where will you place the amaralis?

These plants must be planted in fertile soil, it must be sandy and very rich in organic matter, it is recommended that when replanting the plant in winter time it is done on a layer of sand to prevent it rotting due to so much water or humidity.

When you remove the bulbs from the plants to replant them, you should let them rest for some time if they are water, but in a cool place without sunlight, so they do not die.

When they are going to replant, it should not be placed too deeply since the bulb of the plant can suffer damage and not having enough oxygen can die and will not reproduce, that is, only one third of the bulb should be covered and the rest will remain looking out of the earth to be able to reproduce perfectly.

These bulbs should be placed in a cool place, and care should be taken that the soil is not dry (when I say soil I mean the soil of the plant).

When the leaves of the plant begin to sprout they are irrigated, but it must be scarce and very delicate, and when it begins to bloom it can be provided with more water, remembering the care described in previous sections.

When the flowers are fully flowered, the stem should be trimmed, in this way the leaves will reproduce again, after 10 weeks have elapsed, the bulb can be picked up and replanted, in this way the flower will live for a long time.

Other forms of sowing amaralis are by means of seeds, they should be sown with great care, but in the next section we will tell you in a better way how to reproduce amaralis by means of seeds.

Reproduction of Amaralis by seeds

The reproduction of the flower of amaralis by seeds is very easy, perhaps this may be the beginning of the amaralis, in the previous section we explained the reproduction of the same by means of the replanting of the bulbs, it is important to highlight that this is the most used, even though the seeds are given by the same plant take a little longer to reproduce while the bulbs are faster.

Water your amaryllis

But later we will talk a little more about the bulbs of these beautiful plants for now, we are interested in seeds of amaryllis, seeds that are small, black and very thin, the same plants produce them in a fantastic way, one of the children of each plant provides a ball of seeds, they are hidden in them. In the image that is more ahead you will be able to notice how it is before opening. Then, in the next image you will have notation of how they open to take out the seeds.

These seeds are very thin and can be planted in a small space, that is, a pot not very large because at the beginning you can sow the seeds in a medium cup if you wish, since these must be replanted in your pot, which lasts the rest of his life. Before replanting the plants should be large, it means a proportional size to replant and let grow.

amaryllis flower seeds

To sow the seeds do not drink to take measures, because they are very thin and can be placed one on top of another with the land already paid, there can be a high amount, since not all the seeds are born.

But they should not be completely covered, the seeds can not be very deep, otherwise they will not be born and can remain there without growing, you can add water but from far or few drops to adhere to the Although it is not very necessary if the land is well fertilized, to cover the seeds you can do it with a trowel so that it is not very covered.

Amaralis bulb

The bulbs of the amaralis flower are easy to replant, they can last for years, while they are well treated and kept in cool places at a natural temperature they can last from one year to another, before replanting the bulbs they must go through a brief rest so as not to overload the plant.

amaryllis red lion

When the flowers of these plants are withered they should begin to cut. In the same way, it should be cutting the thick stem of the plant, this does not mean that it will not continue taking care of the bush, on the contrary, it should continue to be fertilized and watering and when the leaves of the plant are completely dry they should be cut flush, also for irrigation.

The flowerpot should be placed in a cool, dark place where sunlight does not reach it, a long resting time is expected and then the bulb is re-planted.

Colors of amaralis

The colors of the amaralis are quite striking, they have red, orange, pink and white, in some cases these beautiful plants are with unique colors, but in other cases or varieties are achieved with a variety of mix between white with pink or red and a cute center in the shape of a white star.

Actually the colors are the most beautiful, a rich place of colors live looks and in the case of flowers is much more striking because they are natural colors, in different images can observe the different shapes and colors of amaralis.

Amarilis orange

The orange amaralis, have bright flowers and very beautiful orange color is quite beautiful and give places a nice environment, these should be kept in fresh or fairly hydrated, it is very important to pay for each of them and that they are watered from the stem so that the flowers do not wilt before time.

Orange amaryllis flower

The flower of orange amaralis is very beautiful and should be taken care of with caution to prevent it from dying before time, these beautiful plants are very common, the only thing that differentiates them are their colors, irrigation, care and reproduction They are similar to the other amaralis.

Red amaralis

The red amaralis flower, these pretty flowers have an intense color, they can be confused with other plant species because of their color, there are different plants with red flowers, you can find these beautiful plants in the different flower shops They are quite common.

amaryllis bulb

This plant is native to America especially from Argentina and Brazil and belongs to the family of the amaryllidaceae, these beautiful flowers can be reproduced through their bulbs and their seeds.

Yellow amaralis

The pink amaralis are very beautiful, this color is not very intense but is ideal for reproduction and to have in the yards and gardens, its pink color is harmonious and this flower is native to South Africa.

The flower of amaralis rose can be known by other names, one of the most used is pink lily, but there are other names such as lily of Santa Paula, is also known as lily bella dona.

red amaryllis flower

The bulb of this plant is quite thick and have a length of about 60 cm, the leaves of this plant are very thick and have a bright green color, normally they can be observed in abundance in autumn and summer.

White amaralis

The white amaralis flower is one of the most beautiful and its white color is synonymous with purity, it is widely used to decorate offices because of its neutral color.

White amaryllis flower

The reproduction time of the white amaralis flower is in autumn and spring, they are fast flowering flowers that can take between 4 to 6 weeks, these plants have a height of 56 cm approximately, they are easy to sow and their cares are fundamental part so that they can last longer.

Amarilis double flower

The amaralis of double flower are some of the most beautiful because their double flowers attract a lot of attention, it is one of the different varieties of amaralis, since after their double flowers they can be found in different colors.

These plants are native to Peru, belong to the family of the amarilidáceas, this plant comes from a large bulb of 5 to 8 cm in diameter, its leaves are erect and have a very intense green color they have a length of 50 At 60 cm, they usually bloom in spring.

flower of double amaryllis

The double flower of amaralis is very beautiful and certainly takes a very important place within their species, as all have beautiful colors, but the flowers are and give a more beautiful appearance.

Giant amaralis

The flower of giant amaralis, is one of the most beautiful species of amaralis, without a doubt each of the species are beautiful, each one of them needs a series of cares, this one especially needs abundant sunlight, of course with great care that the sun’s rays do not obscure the flowers of the plant.

Care is very necessary in this plant especially the irrigation of it, because if you water from above or from the flower, it dies, it withers quickly, the important thing is not to water too much or too little.

This flower of amaralis is a little larger than normal, because its name indicates it, although not much difference to these amaryllis can be easily distinguished, their colors are quite bright and their flowers are larger than the other amaryllis. However, it is necessary to detail them to distinguish one from the other.

Varieties of Amaralis flower

The varieties of amaralis flower are diverse, each one of the amaralis that we are going to name next have different colors and aspects.

One of the most beautiful amaralis among its varieties is the triple red white, this beautiful flower is characterized by its colors and stems, this amaralis has the same flower as the others, except for its colors, its name indicates it. In addition, it has three oblique flowers on top of each other that gives it a very nice appearance, the combination of red and white is excellent for this flower.

Triple red white

Another of the amaralis flowers is the triple red, this is very similar to the triple red white except that it does not have the white color among its flowers, it is very pretty and has a bright green stem.

Red triple

We have triple white amaralis, this pretty flower is completely white although it is important to note that it is not equal to white amaryllis, because its flowers are triple and it is very noticeable.

Triple white

The pink double, is beautiful flower has its double flowers and are very notorious is totally pink but like the previous flower should be taken into account that it is not the pink amaryllis.

Double pink

Amarilis picote, this is one of the most beautiful varieties and is a little different from the others, its flowers are different because their peaks are more pointed than the other amaralis.


Amarilis mont blanc is another of the amaralis, it has a white color and is very similar to white amaralis. Among others we can name the red lion amaryllis this flower is very similar to the red amaryllis, its color is intense and its stem is shiny.

Amarilis mont blanc

The amaryllis santa fe, is one of the most beautiful species its colors are synonymous with purity, it has the color white, pink and green as well as its stem and leaves, it is quite beautiful the combination of its colors that give it a very beautiful appearance .

amaryllis santa fe

Among other species we have the strong white red which is a very pretty flower with intense and diverse colors because it has these two beautiful colors although the white color is much more remarkable.

Among the other species that we can name we have the big white red flower which has the flowers a little larger than the other species. Another species is the white red that has these colors in equal parts; the pink amaralis flower that we had already named in previous sections, the purple violet flower that has a very delicate and serene violet color and finally, the violet flower is very similar to the palda although its color is more intense.

The amaralis are really beautiful flowers and it is worth knowing everything about them, it is very important to take care of them and reproduce them as much as possible with great care and dedication, as well as other flowers such as the bellflower  or the  begonia flower. Before leaving I leave you a video about these beautiful flowers.



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