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Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis of Best Mini Drone

Join thousands of other having fun with the best mini drone. Currently, drones are gaining wide popularity among aeromodelling fans and remote control equipment, since in most cases these devices allow spectacular video shots, with high resolution and are very useful in the audiovisual area, of wind surveillance, or simply as a form of entertainment.

If you want to acquire a quality model, it is important that you take into account certain aspects, such as the quality of the video camera, as well as the resolution of the same, the size of the equipment, its compatibility with other devices, its connectivity capacity, its ease of use, among other important aspects.

After reviewing the models best rated by users on the Internet, we have chosen the REALACC Cheerson CX-10WD-TX, like one of the best mini drone of the current market, due to its compact dimensions, high connectivity and excellent quality of its video shots.

As an alternative we have the Parrot Jumping Sumo , with the ability to jump up to 80 cm in height and is fully compatible with Smartphones and Tablets.

What is the best mini drone in the market?

Unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as drones, are small or large flying machines that are remotely controlled for recreational or professional purposes because they can be used to take pictures, make videos from the heights, package delivery and messaging, tracking routes and much more.

Before making a large investment buying a large drone, it is preferable to acquire a small one to improve the piloting and handling of the device.

To help you in your choice, we prepare the following guide to buy the best mini drone, with the information you need to know to make a successful purchase, taking into account how much it costs and its specifications.

best mini drone

Shopping guide


If you are starting in the world of minidrones, we recommend choosing the quadrocopters model, so called because it has four motors.

The main advantage of this type of equipment is that they are very stable and simpler to pilot, which is why they are the first choice of aviator fans.

This type of vehicles are handled remotely and with the engines and propellers propellers you can ascend or descend, plan and turn 360º.

The design of this model is usually type H or X and is cheaper than those of professional use and advanced technology, so to learn to pilot drones you will do well with this type.

Size and resistance

When we talk about miniature drones, they are really small. When making a comparison of minidrones, you will see that most of the available models fit in the palm of your hand and are made of plastic.

However, you must ensure that they are resistant, so we suggest you review specialized pages on the assessment of the equipment you like and the opinion of users.

You will find models that have a protection around the propellers to avoid damage by contact with other surfaces.

The fact that they are minidrones does not mean they are disposable, so you will be satisfied to invest little money in a small drone to learn the necessary, before disbursing a good amount for a professional one.

Ready to fly

When opting for a specific model of best mini drone, be it economic or expensive, you should check among its characteristics if it has the acronym RTF, which means ready to fly (Ready To Fly), that is, it does not need any assembly from the user because it is already fully armed to start planning in the air.

But if you have the BNF (Bind & Fly) nomenclature you must have some prior knowledge, guided by the instruction manual and a couple of tools to couple the parts and pilot your best mini drone.

Even if you do not know anything about drones, you can check the tutorials and you will surely find a video that will help you to do it yourself with satisfactory results.


It is important to know that although fun is guaranteed with a best mini drone, it is also clear that it will last a few minutes.

This means that the new miniature unmanned aerial vehicles have a short autonomy that does not exceed 10 minutes of flight in the most advanced models.

But this is compensated by the rapid recharge of your batteries that can take between 30 minutes and an hour to return to the flight.

Many experts recommend buying two or three complementary batteries so that while you recharge one, you can continue having fun and planning your best mini drone.

The remote control also uses batteries and tend to run out quickly, as are the traditional batteries; It is always a good option to have rechargeable batteries so you can save a bit on alkaline refills.

best mini drone

Camera and connectivity

Not all minidrones include a camera, but for those who want to have fun, it will always be a plus value to be able to take photos and record videos from the heights to share with friends and followers of social networks your skills in maneuvering your flying toy.

360º turns, tumbling and much more. However, do not expect the minidrones’ cameras to be high definition professionals.

Due to its small size you will get cameras with an acceptable image quality and a resolution that does not exceed 480p in VGA and 720p in the best quality.

Several models have the ability to link with your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi so you can see the view of the best mini drone on the screen of your device.

You can also use the specific applications to take photos and record videos easily and intuitively. By knowing this data, you can determine which is the best mini drone in the market for you.

What is the best mini drone?

If you are a fan of technology and all its innovations, you are surely looking forward to having the best mini drone with which you can record from the heights, and practice to learn how to maneuver them before investing in a large drone, ideal for children and amateurs.

Here we present the suggestions of our users in order to help you make a smart investment and buy the best mini drone.

Recommended Products

REALACC Cheerson CX-10WD

Main advantage:

If you download the application offered by the manufacturer, you can control the mini drone from your tablet or smartphone.

In addition to this, it will be possible to observe the images captured by the device while flying and decide when to take photos and videos of the different landscapes you see.

This intuitive operation allows a greater level of interaction on the part of the user.

Main disadvantage:

Some users claim that the battery level of this equipment is a little low, so the amount of time during which it can be used is limited.

They argue that it is necessary to have a more powerful battery, which allows them to extend the fun for many hours.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

It is a mini drone for children over six years old that you can handle in a simpler way from your mobile device or tablet where, in addition, the drone images are transmitted simultaneously; that’s why several users recommend it.

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Users will have the possibility to control the equipment in a simple and intuitive way, because it is possible to make transmissions between these mini drones and mobile devices to which you connect it.

The manufacturer brand offers users a mobile application that they can download to control the device using their Smartphone or tablet.

In addition, on the screen of the device used to control the Checs CX-10WD REALACC, each of the images captured by the device while it is in the air will be appreciated, because it transmits them simultaneously.

From the tablet or the Smartphone you can also take photos and videos of each of the landscapes taken by the team when flying or those that call your attention.


In order to carry out the transmission of functions between the mini drone and the mobile devices used when controlling it, the device has Wi-fi connection, which is maintained even when the equipment returns to a certain distance.

According to the specifications of the manufacturer, this product maintains a wireless connection with the Wi-fi between 15 and 30 meters away.

On the other hand, it is compatible with computers that work with the Android and IOS operating systems, so you will not have problems to use it, regardless of the type of device you use to control the mini drone.

If you want to download the application with which the device is controlled, you will only have to scan the bar code provided in it.


The team has an HD camera, which captures images and videos; These are stored to later share them with whoever you want.

This way you will show the others each of the exploits that the team performs in the air.

It has the ability to travel distances between 20 and 40 meters, and has a high density air pressure sensor that is responsible for keeping the equipment stable while flying. It includes a touch of takeoff and landing options to ensure that both actions are carried out in an appropriate manner.

This device can be used for flight in interior spaces. It is a compact model that measures 4.2 x 4.2 x 2.5 cm. It is manufactured for children over six years.

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Parrot Jumping Sumo


Parrot Jumping SumoFollowing the list of the best mini drones of 2018, the Parrot Jumping Sumo is well positioned for the great receptivity it has among customers, with the difference that it does not fly but if it runs and jumps at great speed to explore in all kinds of places with a high level of resistance to falls and blows.

It has Wi-Fi connection to view directly on the screen of your mobile or tablet all the view you have with the wide-angle camera included.

With this equipment you can have the experience of playing with a robot that performs acrobatics, jumps and rolls with speed and agility to record from different angles.

The Parrot PF724000AA wheels are adjustable in two modes according to your level of experience, the wheels folded or unfolded, with the first mode is bet on the speed and the second priority is the stability of the minidrone.

Parrot has for you the one who could take the position of the best mini drone for 50 euros from the market thanks to its striking design and fun time guaranteed in addition to a different alternative:


Design: if you are looking for a model of land, the Jumping Sumo could interest you, since it is designed to reach high speeds and even give jumps up to 80 centimeters high, so you can explore everything you want.

Camera: has a camera capable of obtaining videos with a frame rate of up to 15 fps and a resolution in photographs of 640 x 480 megapixels, ideal to be used as a hobby or to play with your friends.

Connectivity: it is compatible with Windows and Apple operating systems, so you do not have problems when connecting with mobile phone or tablet.

Control: and so that you can handle it with ease, its free application provides specific buttons to walk and jump, as well as to turn 180 ° very quickly.


Battery: you should bear in mind that the battery is capable of reaching a maximum autonomy of just 20 minutes, so you should recharge it very often.

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                              GoolRC Drone Mini

GoolRC Drone Mini

At the time of starting to fly it is not always advisable to have a model of the first order since, seeing the blows that will be carried, it is not the most appropriate.

That’s why the GoolRC Drone Mini model is an interesting proposal for those who start in this world.

This mini drone has a simple approach, with a six-axis system that allows you to fly in a simple way, controlled the flight directly from your mobile.

A product that, in spite of its simplicity, does not lack interesting functions, such as the possibility of having a photo and video camera or wifi connectivity, among others.

All in a compact model, which fits in the palm of the hand, and can fly for about five minutes, with a charging period of about 25 minutes.


Control: The model can be controlled directly from your mobile thanks to the included app, so it is much easier to keep the flight under control.

Simplicity: This drone has a simple approach, therefore it is recommended for those users who are starting in this world.

Additional functions: Despite its adjusted price, the model includes both a 0.3 megapixel video camera as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to use your mobile as a control device.


Materials: The materials are not particularly attractive to the eye, although it is true that they are efficient in terms of keeping the equipment in flight.

Battery: The battery allows to fly about five minutes, something more adjusted than other models of the market.

Scope: The scope of the model is about 15 to 30 meters, so be careful not to gain too much height or get too far away when flying.

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                                           Parrot – PF723300AA


Parrot - PF723300AAFrom the Parrot family, we present the best price-quality mini drone, the PF723300AA, a second generation miniature drone with a robust solid design and resistant to knocks and falls.

It has an excellent speed and stability to perform countless maneuvers in the air according to your experience that can be controlled from your Tablet or Smartphone using the FreeFlight 3 application whose use is very intuitive.

It can last up to 9 minutes flying thanks to the lithium polymer battery that charges in an hour.

The four minidrone propellers have additional protection provided by a light plastic casing to prevent contact accidents.

This device can fly indoors as well as outdoors, and is recommended for children over 8 years old.

With this mini drone with camera you can get aerial photos, perform cartwheels and 360º acrobatics, you will definitely have a lot of fun guaranteed.

Possibly Parrot becomes the best mini drone brand of this era, due to its great progress in terms of quality and performance:


Handling: can be connected to any type of mobile phone or tablet, so you can play with it as soon as you take it out of the package.

In addition, it is very good for beginners.

Camera: has a camera with which you can take pictures from the heights, ideal for lovers of the famous selfies.

Personalization: finally, you can let your imagination fly, since this model has compartments and bases to hold toy figures and also blocks of Lego type to build different structures.


Battery: one of its negative aspects is its battery, as it offers a range of just 9 minutes and requires one hour of charging.

Materials: this mini drone is manufactured mainly in plastic, so you must be careful to avoid spoiling and enjoy it for a long time.

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                                           Haibei Cheerson Cx-10


Haibei Cheerson Cx-10If you are looking for a micro drone that does not exceed 5 centimeters, definitely the CX-10 of Haibei Cheerson is an excellent option.

This small drone is made in a resistant ABS plastic, has a 6-axis system of last generation that provide a stable and safe flight.

It also has a 2.4 GHz transmitter with three adjustable speeds to perform all kinds of maneuvers such as ascending, descending, lateral flight, float, among others in a flight time of 4-8, supplied by the rechargeable lithium battery of 3.7V 100mAh it takes 30 to 40 minutes to fully charge.

It is recommended for over 10 years and is available in several colors, so it is great to choose one for girls and others for boys.

The built-in LED lights allow you to locate it easily during nighttime glides, increasing the visual range of the flight.

It has a light and compact design, besides being one of the cheapest in the market.

In case you are interested in a model to play or for children, the Haibei is among the cheapest so you do not spend too much:


Compact: Cx – 10 is a compact model, so you can take it with you wherever you want.

It has dimensions of 16 x 9.4 x 7.8 centimeters and a light weight of 132 grams.

Axes: it has six axes of last generation, so you can fly it and keep it controlled with relative ease.

Lights: and so that you do not lose sight of it at any time, the Cx – 10 has led lights integrated into its structure.


Command: one of its buyers considers that the quality of the command could be improved but that, after all, it fulfills its function.

Protection: this mini drone has no protection around its propellers, so it is easy to damage them, although it is necessary to mention that some spare parts are included.

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How to use the best mini drone

Now that you bought your best mini drone, you want to put it to fly. However, it is necessary that you learn some basic fundamentals before you put it to work.

That is why we have designed this article where we will tell you some steps to follow so you can fly properly, without damaging your device.

best mini drone

Check the instruction manual of your minidrone

Before putting your best mini drone to work, it is recommended to read the instruction manual so that you can familiarize yourself with the functions of the control of command, which are the ones that allow you to manipulate the addresses of the minidrone.

Proceed to charge the minidrone battery

Before putting your minidrone to work, it is necessary to charge the lithium battery that powers the minidrone, usually with the USB cable.

The control also requires batteries to operate, some models require 3 or 4 AA batteries of 1.4 V.

Place the batteries and the SD card in the minidrone

Remove the lid where the lithium battery is placed, then proceed to connect the battery in the respective compartment and place the lid that you had previously removed from the minidrone.

The LED lights will light indicating that it is already being powered. Now proceed to locate the slot for microSD cards and includes one that has the ability to record photos and videos.

Now put the AA batteries in the control to put it to work and control the minidrone.

To do this, remove the lid of the alkaline batteries and proceed to place them as indicated in the compartment.

Place the minidrone on a flat surface

Place the minidrone on the floor whose surface is flat and smooth, without any obstacles, to be able to fly the minidrone without problems.

Preferably if the environment is closed it is much better.

Familiarize yourself with the functions of the command control

In order to familiarize yourself with your minidrone, you can start operating the right and left control joysticks, which control the drone to go forward, backward and sideways.

To do this, activate the joystick that is responsible for putting the propellers to work and with the other joystick controls the direction of the mini drone.

I recommend that you go practicing these movements for about 5 to 10 minutes, so that you know how to control the directions that the minidrone takes on the ground before putting it to work in the air.

best mini drone

Proceed to pilot the minidrone in the air

With the control of control, it locates the joystick that allows to elevate the minidrone and with the other one controls the directions that go taking. Once you reach a height that you can control, take a spin with your minidrone for the space where you are.

Connect your minidrone to your mobile and take pictures

Most advanced minidrone models have the option to connect with your Smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth, so you can control it through your mobile using an application.

In addition, through mobile, it is easier to take pictures or record videos and if you wish, you can store the files and images there.

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