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Purchase guide, Opinions and Analysis of Best Pregnancy Belt

All women enjoy their state of pregnancy with enough joy, but in recent months, they may find that things have become a little “heavy” by the volume of the belly, so the of the best pregnancy belt becomes a necessary.

A good alternative to alleviate this weight are the belts for pregnant women who get there, however you have to know how to choose the one that best suits our needs and for that we must take into account certain aspects such as the materials with which it has been prepared the fascia, the type of closure, the type of fastening and of course, the size.

After reviewing some of the best belts on the market, we can highlight the NEOtech Care Brand best pregnancy belt for its ergonomic design in the form of a belt that includes an upper band for better support.

What is the best pregnancy belt in the market?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful states of the woman and being able to enjoy it until the end is a real joy.

But it is true that sometimes, especially during the last months of pregnancy, it can be more difficult for the mother who will feel tired and heavy because of the large volume of her belly.

As it helps to alleviate in part this feeling of heaviness in the woman, the pregnancy girdles were put on sale, which help to offer you a sensation of lightness when walking so that the weight of the belly does not fall completely on your pelvis.

Buying the best pregnancy belt is not as simple as it seems and these are not only divided into sizes, but also the comparison of pregnancy strips includes a myriad of models, so that each woman choose the one that best suits her.

Therefore, we have prepared for you this guide to buy the best pregnancy strip in which we tell you what you should look at before making your purchase.


Shopping guide

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Materials and closure

Something you should always keep in mind in your comparison of pregnancy strips is that they are made of soft materials that pick up your belly holding it, but gently, without squeezing your belly or lumbar.

We find strips of many materials, but in all, the main raw material used is cotton, a very soft textile material that will hold you in a soft and comfortable way.

Others also include elastane and other elastic component materials to give you, in addition to softness, the grip and comfort you’re looking for.

As for the closure, this should always be resistant velcro so you can adjust it correctly at all times and move with it during your pregnancy.

Lumbar area

The main reason to use a lumbar belt, in addition to feeling comfortable, should be to protect your lower back.

That is why you should leave aside how much one of these strips costs and pay attention to the fact that the chosen ones offer you the lumbar support that you will need when you are in the last weeks of pregnancy, to avoid problems in your back derived from the extra weight of your gut, such as deviations from the spine, lordosis, etc. or at least to help you partially alleviate them.

Clamping type

Although some people think that any strip of pregnancy can be worth, the truth is that there are different types and designs of it so that it always adapts correctly to our gestation time as well as to our physique and belly.

It is not the same a strip suitable to the use of multiple pregnancies that one to hold your gut during the second trimester of pregnancy.

For this reason there are strips of a single piece that, like a “tube” with the shape of your gut, allow you to use them even to go out into the street, without them being noticed and without you noticing them, given their enormous softness and They are ideal to use whenever you need them.

Others are composed of a soft cotton band that is placed under the gut and that will hold both our lumbar and belly to help you get a feeling of lightness.

Others, however, are much more sophisticated and, in addition to the gut band, come equipped with a lumbar support area to help a correct position of the pelvis and help you feel more confident when you walk.

Comfortable Belly Band for Pregnancy


In the case of this type of accessories for pregnancy, it is not enough to find a good and inexpensive girdle, but it is also extremely important to ensure that it fits your size and contour to avoid being pinched on the gut or lumbar , then we would obtain the opposite objective to the desired one.

The sizes of these strips normally range from M to XXL, so if you are looking for a bit, you will surely find the one that best suits your body and your needs, so that you get the most out during those months of pregnancy. wonderful and important in your life.


Being an accessory that we will place on us, it is essential that it can be washed without problems both by hand and machine, so that we can always keep it clean and perfect without spoiling. If you choose one made with good materials, this will not be a problem.

What is the best pregnancy strip of 2018?

When women are pregnant, especially during the last months of pregnancy and in multiple pregnancies, supporting the weight of the belly is such a considerable effort that sometimes we suffer from back problems such as lordosis and other complications that make us upset during that magical period where we should most enjoy pregnancy.

That’s right strengthening of the abdomen musculature.

Therefore, a good lumbar belt pregnancy can help you feel more comfortable and better distribute the weight of your belly so that your back suffer as little as possible.

Yes, the specialists who advise them also advise not to use them continuously to favor a better way.

But it is not easy to find which is the best pregnancy belt, for that reason we have made this small analysis with five of the best strips for pregnant women of 2018 and that you can Choose between them without fear of being wrong.

Recommended Products

NEOtech Care Brand best pregnancy belt

Main advantage:

NEOtech pregnancy girdle has a very practical and comfortable to use design, which will help you to better support the weight of your gut during those months of pregnancy.

Main disadvantage:

It may be that their main disadvantage is that not all women know how to recognize their pregnancy girdle size, however, the manufacturer provides a table of measures to help.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

If you want to minimize back pain and fatigue due to the weight of your pregnancy belly, having a belt like the NEOtech could be the solution for you.

Buy on Amazon

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Pregnancy is considered by some as one of the most beautiful and magical stages that a person could live. However, the gestating of a new life entails sacrifices and many women suffer from pain and discomfort due to the extra weight of their body. In these cases, it is advisable to acquire the best pregnancy belt.

The pregnancy band NEOtech is a fairly modern model with a practical design. It consists of two parts, one for lower support and another for superior adjustment.

Each of the parts has a Velcro closure, which makes it easier to remove and put it on.

In addition, they allow to adjust the pressure of the belt according to the texture of the mother, so that she can obtain the maximum comfort.

Another advantage is that it is an open strip, which facilitates air circulation and prevents the mother from feeling discomfort due to the accumulation of heat.


The use of girdles for pregnancy is increasingly popular. The days when those 9 months of pregnancy ended in endless torture for women are over, since different accessories can be purchased to improve their comfort.

For example, in addition to the belts, there are also special pillows, elastic pants, among many other things.

The best pregnancy belt offered by NEOtech will be able to provide extra support on your back.

This will relieve the pressure in your spine to eliminate the risk of back pain. In addition, it will also be responsible for supporting a percentage of the weight of your belly, so that it is easier for you to walk, sit or stand for long periods of time.

And since it is adjustable, you can adjust the pressure of the belt according to your support, so that it is as comfortable as possible and use it in your daily tasks.


With any type of belt, one of the main characteristics to evaluate before choosing the one indicated is the materials used in the manufacture of the same.

You need to make sure you do not have materials that you are allergic to.

Likewise, we advise you to consider products that are easy to wash, since they are used under clothes and are in direct contact with the skin.

NEOtech is a strip for pregnancy that does not seem to have problems in this aspect.

It is made of cotton and nylon with cell phones, which gives a soft and comfortable touch to use throughout the day.

As for cleaning, it is necessary to wash it by hand, in order to avoid any damage to the tissues.

A detail that you should know is that this belt for pregnancy does not have rods on the back, but simply a bundle of elastic.

Bracoo Maternity Belt

Bracoo Maternity BeltThen, we present the best pregnancy quality ratio according to users and not only will it serve you during pregnancy, but it will also help you recover during the postpartum period.

Made of soft and resistant materials will provide a good support of the belly plus lumbar support that will help you to have a good position while walking, relieving the discomfort that advanced pregnancy can give both the pelvic area and the lower back.

Its pretty pink tone certainly brings a special touch to this model that you can wash by hand whenever you need leaving it like new.

Its simple strip design will allow an easy adjustment through the powerful velcro that it includes.

And by the time you give birth it will help you to correct the posture of your pelvis by slowly returning to its original position.

It can be difficult to know which strip for pregnant women to buy, but if you take a look at the pros and cons of each one, it could help you with the decision:


Use: Bracoo offers a practical and simple alternative to use with the RB585 model, as it has an intuitive design that will make it easier to put on.

Breathable: it is made with breathable materials that will avoid accumulating heat, so you feel more comfortable all the time.

Cleaning: to keep the RB585 as new you can wash it by hand from the comfort of your home, but be careful you have to use cold water and a non-aggressive detergent.


Drying: to dry this strip of pregnant after washing you will have to hang it, since the use of automatic dryers is not recommended.

Neoprene: you should be aware of possible allergies by neoprene since this material is present in its manufacture.

NEOtech Care Brand best pregnancy belt

1-amour-eden-beltAs a first product, we present you the best pregnancy strip of this comparison thanks to its great benefits.

This belt in the form of a belt will keep your tummy well supported also providing a good lumbar support and the entire back, something extremely important to you.

Made of resistant and soft materials such as cotton and nylon with elastic, it will provide you with the support you are looking for, but without squeezing or becoming a nuisance.

Includes a top band for better belly support. Its adjustment system, both in its lower and upper band, is as simple as adjusting the velcro to the size you need.

It can be washed by hand whenever you need it.

Probably, the advantages of the NEOtech model make it the best girdle for pregnant women of the moment, as well as being one of the cheapest in our list:


Design: one of the most remarkable advantages of this strip for pregnant women is that it is valid for practically any stage of pregnancy, since it can be adjusted.

With this model you can get relief in your back and lower back, as well as an abdominal support, which will help you to carry the pregnancy more comfortably.

Materials: the NEOtech girdle for pregnant women is made with cotton lining and nylon reinforcement to guarantee a high resistance and adaptability to the different stages of pregnancy.

Also, the cotton will help avoid uncomfortable friction with the belt.

Sizes: if you do not want to adapt it to your stages, you can also buy it in different sizes; medium, large, extra large and extra extra large. This should also fit your frame for better results.

Anchoring: you can make the pressure settings you prefer, since the NEOtech girdle for pregnant women has three separate anchor points, designed so that you can fit it to your liking without feeling suffocated.

Cleaning: being in an area where there is a lot of heat and sweat, cleaning is important and to keep it clean you should not use too much effort, as it can be washed by hand from home and thus avoid odors or stains.

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How to use a girdle for pregnant women

In pregnancy, special girdles should also be worn to protect the posture and protect the back from lumbar pain.

If you have just purchased a girdle for pregnant women, but do not know how to use it, in this article we will show you the steps to follow so you can give the correct use to this accessory during pregnancy.

Check the belt user guide

It is always important to know a little more about the product before using it.

For this, many models include a user guide or instruction manual that allows to know the way of placement and parts of the belt, to be able to place it more comfortably, therefore, it is good that you take a few minutes to review.

Place the thick belt of the belt

Most models of pregnant women’s belts include the belt, which is a thick belt, which surrounds the belly of the pregnant woman in a comfortable way to support the waist.

Therefore, place the maternity belt of the belt on the abdomen, then adjust the closure that is usually Velcro.

Place the outer layer of the belt, if you bring it

Some models include a layer that goes over the belt, to give greater support to the back. Proceed to adjust this layer until you feel comfortable.

Try not to squeeze too much here, because you can also tighten the abdomen, being dangerous for your pregnancy.

Place the thinnest long strap on the belt

Other more advanced models include a thinner strap that is placed around the upper part of the belly of the pregnant woman.

This part of the belt is fastened to the ends of the thick belt of the belt and can be with buttons or velcro closure, depending on the model.

Make all the belt adjustments

Adjust all the maternity belt straps, both on the outside and on the inside, so that the abdomen of the waist can be in the most comfortable state possible.

Remember that this is just one of the most complete models.

There are other models that only include the thick belt, which is the belt as such and that goes around the abdomen below the belly.

Final considerations

Remember not to tighten all the straps of the belt, because they can cause dizziness and even make you want to vomit.

Adjust the sash straps so that you feel comfortable; You should never feel drowned and should be allowed to move and sit, without complications.

Try to always maintain a good posture during pregnancy, so you do not have back pain.

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