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Scientific Calculator – Purchase Guide, Opinions and Analysis of Best Scientific Calculator.

When your accounts require more than a few simple calculations, a good scientific calculator can save you time, effort and a lot of work in everything you are considering.

For this do not forget to adjust the type of calculator to the depth of calculations you need, as well as to have products with the programming options and the functions that you need so that you do not lack elements with which to work.

We can achieve this, for example, with the Casio FX-570ES model , which has up to 417 functions and 40 scientific constants, in addition to various programming options with which you will be more efficient in your operation.

A model that, due to its easy use and its screen, is considered the favorite of the users.

Another interesting model is the Canon F-715SG calculator, which includes all the basic functions of a typical institute calculator, but enhanced with additional functions, which offers a very practical system, without having to spend too much on your purchase.

What is the best scientific calculator on the market?

In order to perform complex calculations, it is necessary to have adequate tools, with which to work with security and confidence and that are capable of responding to the level of demand that we propose.

To make your investment a success, we present our guide to buy the best scientific calculator, with tips to adjust your spending and squeeze the functionality of the decided team.

best scientific calculator

Shopping guide

Calculation capacity

When it comes to making a comparison of scientific calculators we can establish several levels of operation.

The first level corresponds to the basic models, which have certain advanced calculation functions, but which also do not allow excessively complex calculations.

It would be the typical high school student calculator for example.

From this point of departure we find products with greater capacity, with a greater number of calculations and with many additional elements of which we will speak, due to their importance, in the third section.

Finally, we find models with a specific capacity or specific development.

These products are special for specific uses, offering applications specially designed for fields such as engineering, computer science, market analysis and other fields, being equipped with what these professionals need to operate without problems.

Obviously they are not an economical option, so they should only be evaluated if they really are useful to you.


To be able to visualize and work more comfortably, it is necessary that the screen has the necessary dimensions and visualization capacity for it.

In the case of scientific calculators, the product usually includes a single-line screen with a series of superscripts showing the active functions or measurements at the time (degrees, radians, etc.).

As we are in need of more management, for example in models with programming or with more complex uses, the screen should offer at least two separate levels of line input, to expand the visibility of the formulas and elements that we are introducing, avoiding this errors in the introduction of them.

Finally, we find models with large screens and even color, which allow us to draw graphs inside from the calculator itself easily.

Obviously, the quality increases, but it also increases how much the product costs.

best scientific calculator


Functions and programming

Although it is something that we have already introduced in the first paragraph, given its importance we want to deepen it, because it is what marks differences between models.

If you only need to do some basic calculations, a basic scientific calculator will probably suffice , but if the thing gets complicated, the tool offers interesting options.

Among them are the programming functions, with which we can enter different chained calculations to be performed on the machine.

Some models can accept up to 25,000 programming elements. Another interesting calculation element is the ability to perform differential calculus, integrals or work with matrices, for example.

If the product includes these features, you will significantly expand your possibilities.

And finally, we talk about the constants and functions included in which are the basic elements of mathematics.

These elements facilitate the use and save having to introduce elements, so if the offer covers the ones that you will use frequently, much better.

What is the best scientific calculator ?

Making complex accounts requires complex tools. Luckily, you just need to equip yourself with a good scientific calculator to complete those tasks you need to perform.

To make your search for a good calculator easier we present a selection of the best scientific calculators of 2018, with models of all types and complexity so finding a complex number calculator adapted to what you need does not become a problem without solution.

Recommended Products

Casio FX-570ES

Casio FX-570ES

Main advantage:

The most outstanding quality of this scientific calculator is its “natural textbook” screen with the visually perfect algebraic method (VPAM), which greatly facilitates the writing of formulas.

Main disadvantage:

Some users miss that this device by its size, can not be carried in a pocket.

However, remember that it is a calculator with a large number of functions and its design is appropriate for the tasks to be performed.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

This product fulfills what it promises, which is why its assessment on the network is very high and users recommend it widely.

Thanks to the support of the prestigious Casio brand , its great calculation capacity and its modern design, buyers consider it a successful purchase.

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Great capacity

When the complexity of mathematical problems does not find a solution with a simple calculator, it is when we miss having a powerful scientific calculator at hand.

We have scientific calculators for all kinds of people, from the basic ones for students, to the most complex ones for engineers or mathematicians.

This scientific calculator from Casio is currently one of the latest generation models.

The Casio FX-570ES is equipped with a large calculation capacity. It can perform practically all kinds of calculations, such as mathematical and scientific operations.

Among the problems that you can solve are the trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, hyperbolic, inversion functions, fraction calculations, two-dimensional statistics, equations, factorization of prime numbers, random integers and matrices, among others.

Count up to a total of 417 functions and 20 pairs of values ​​when you need metric conversions.

With this calculator you can solve complicated numerical problems and solve a large number of complex calculations.

Casio FX-570ES

Natural screen

If you are studying a career related to the world of science or mathematics, you need to have a scientific calculator like the one offered by the Japanese brand Casio.

This high quality model can guarantee fast and reliable results in all numerical operations. It is recommended both for students and for professionals who need reliable results.

It is equipped with a large “natural textbook” screen with VPAM system, which offers a better and easier introduction of numbers and formulas.

The design of your screen includes a matrix of points and has two lines that allow you to simultaneously see expressions such as fractions or roots, in the same way as in your textbook, which facilitates understanding and learning.

It has great ability to enter values ​​of up to 15 + 10 + 2 digits.

Modern design

This technical-scientific calculator is able to quickly and efficiently solve the most complex calculations. It is a device designed in modern colors.

Its keyboard with clearly differentiated numbers and formulas favors intuitive use and the space between each key avoids entering erroneous data.

Each group of keys are differentiated by a color. The numeric keys and basic functions are white and the keys with scientific and complex functions are black.

It has two orange keys: one to erase and the other to power on and / or off. And a control of controls in color lavender.

On the other hand, it has the Cal key, which allows you to memorize formulas temporarily and integrates up to 40 scientific constants that facilitate your tasks.

It works with an AAA battery (included), which you can easily get at any store when you need to replace it.

Its measurements are 13.8 x 80 x 162 mm and you can carry it comfortably in your backpack anywhere.

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Canon F-715SG

Canon F-715SGThe Canon F-715SG model does not have all the necessary features to be the best scientific calculator of the moment but it is a complete and functional model.

And is that despite having the traditional characteristics of an institute calculator the truth is that it is a model with many improvements and additional functions, especially in its operation.

As a sample we have its dual screen system and programming functions included, simple but time-saving, especially in its statistical functions.

For this it also incorporates 250 different functions among which are the most common so that for simple uses you surely have no problem whatsoever.

For these functions, this model is recognized as the best scientific calculator for value for money, since it also has a more than competitive price.

In addition to the options you have reviewed so far, we can describe the pros and cons of this product that has been manufactured by the best brand of scientific calculators.

Texas Instruments TI Nspire CX CAS


Texas Instruments TI Nspire CX CASTo change the range, we turn to a high-level model such as the Texas Instruments TI Nspire CX CAS calculator.

We are talking about a really complete model, which can be seen at a glance.

On the one hand in its full color screen capable of drawing all kinds of graphics, figures, geometric shapes and of course to better visualize the data on the screen at the time of entering them.

And also in its introduction, with a high-level keyboard that has a numerical area, conventional alphabetic keyboard and different elements of function, together with a control to navigate the screen and functions.

And you can also see the difference in its characteristics through its own software that includes practically all the mathematical needs, along with functions for other fields such as chemistry, which are very useful whenever you need them.

Do not worry if you have not decided which scientific calculator to buy. Continue in this comparative guide and you will see that in the end you will be able to make the best decision.

We describe below the pros and cons of this interesting model.

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HP 10s +

HP 10s + scientific calculatorThe HP 10s + scientific calculator is a simple model of basic functions that also responds to the institute model that we have previously proposed.

Its functions include the basic elements for statistical, probability, trigonometric and standard functions calculations.

It has a simple system of programming suitable for resolutions of equations to what the system of double line on screen helps (result and approach) to offer a simpler operation.

For this also has the traditional keyboard of these models but with a slider to move through the different characters in order to get what you want to write or correct.

All this in a compact and resistant design that will accompany you for a long time just by changing the battery when appropriate.

To complete this comparison, we mentioned the pros and cons of the best scientific calculator for 10 euros according to what was indicated by the buyers.

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Casio FX-570ES

Casio FX-570ES PlusIf we look for the best scientific calculator of the moment, we will find the Casio FX-570ES model.

A calculator that despite its reasonable price offers a large number of functions, among which we find a double screen system, large, in which we can visualize all kinds of formulas and results in a simple way.

In the functional aspect, this model has matrix and integral calculation capacity, incorporating up to 417 different functions with which to perform all kinds of complex operations, incorporating 20 pairs for metric measurements and up to 40 different scientific constants that save work when entering data .

All this operated from an intuitive keyboard and very broad where you can easily access all these functions.

A quality calculator will allow you to make the different calculations in a very simple way.

There are some basic models and others more complex but you will make the choice.

Read carefully the characteristics of the best scientific calculator of the moment according to the clients.

It has 417 functions and resolution of equations. It has a screen in which mathematical expressions such as fractions and roots are shown in a very clear way.
It also has the scientific functions trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential 10x, ex, inversion x-1
All your customers give very good opinions regarding the quality and operation of this calculator. Only one of them says that its price is a little high.
It is a very useful calculator for all students, thanks to its infinity of functions and the great help it can provide to solve mathematical problems.

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How to use a scientific calculator

When studying at university or doing work that involves the use of equation and function calculations, a scientific calculator is ideal.

In this opportunity we will give you a general information on how to use a scientific calculator to perform your calculations efficiently and productively.

Know the parts of your calculator

Before using your scientific calculator, it is important to familiarize yourself with its parts.

For this, it is advisable to read the user manual to determine which are the basic keys, the scientific function keys, power button, screen indicators, among other interesting features to know.

Put the battery in your calculator

Most scientific calculators work with an AAA battery, which must be properly placed in the battery compartment.

Some models of this type of product, have a solar power supply combined with the use of batteries, this in order to save battery power.

Turn on your scientific calculator and use it

To turn it on, you must locate the ON button, which is usually in the upper right. When you turn it on, you will notice on the LCD screen the number 0 and the cursor waiting for the instructions that you provide, to place the formula or equation to solve.

You can start using your product doing basic operations, using the numeric keys and the key operations.

Each time you enter a number and a fundamental operation symbol, you can see on the screen how the equation is formed.

Next, press the Equal key and on the screen you will see the equation on the first line and the result on the second line.

To make more complex equations, you can place the sign – located almost always for negative numbers, the parentheses keys and those of scientific functions.

To raise a number squared, you can use the X2 key located at the top of the key panel.

If you want to raise a number to any power, first write the number, which corresponds to the base and raise the power using the isosceles triangle key without base.

You can also use the square root function; it is used by pressing the key with the square root symbol and the number, with the same key, obtaining the square root of said number.

Use the fractions and functions in your scientific calculator

To write fractions on your calculator, start by placing the numerator, which can be a number, an equation or even a complex formula, then press the fraction key placed on the left side identified clearly and write the denominator that can be equal of complex.

Scientific calculators have logarithmic, exponential, trigonometric, integral, limit and derivative functions.

To use this type of function, you must have a prior knowledge of what each of them means.

These functions are identified by each of their keys. With the user guide, you can study how to use them in detail.

Use the additional functions

The most competitive scientific calculators include many more functions. To activate them, use the SHIFT key and select the function you need, depending on the symbol or function name that is printed, generally yellow on the side or above the keys.

Once you finish using your calculator, turn it off and store it in a safe place.


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