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Perfect cooked eggs – Boiled Egg Time tricks

Fascinating tips that can help you discover the perfect boiled egg time. Have you ever wondered how to know if an egg is cooked ? You may think that baking eggs is the easiest thing in the world and certainly, it is easy, but if you want to get a perfect hard-boiled egg you have to pay attention to certain details that will help you avoid the most classic problems when making boiled eggs. Discover the the right boiled egg time.

Keep reading and forget cooked eggs with greenish yolk, stop wondering how to cook eggs to peel them well or why they do not peel cooked eggs well.

Next we will solve all these questions and we will teach you the best tricks to cook eggs easily and quickly.

Before cooking the boiled eggs

To make perfect boiled eggs, you have to take into account some aspects before you start cooking. Surely you have never paid attention to the temperature of the eggs or the amount of water, but knowing these details we assure you that you will succeed the next time you make hard boiled eggs with the ideal boiled egg time .


  • Egg temperature : Before cooking boiled eggs take them out of the fridge and keep them in a cool place so that, at the time of cooking, they are at room temperature. This way you will avoid cracking the shell.
  • Amount of water : Once you have chosen the saucepan or the pot where you will prepare hard-boiled eggs, it is important that you put enough water to cover all the eggs. The most common mistake is not to add enough water and have to add more during cooking, which can cause the yolk is not well cooked.
  • Salt : You can add a pinch of salt or a splash of vinegar to the cooking water of the eggs so that peeling is much easier.
  • Boiling water : Contrary to what many people think, eggs should be cooked from boiling water to make them perfect. If you introduce the eggs in cold water they will also be done, but surely you will have problems with the yolk, which will be sidelined. For the yolk to be centered, you must incorporate the eggs in the pot with the boiling water.

Boiled Egg Time

The Ideal Boiled Egg Time:

As we have said, if you do not care where the yolk is, you can cook boiled eggs from cold or hot water. In any case, the ideal boiled  time to make a perfect cooked egg is counted from when the water starts to boil and this should be 10-12 minutes maximum, depending on the amount of eggs that are being made.

When exceeding the recommended time, what happens is that the yolk is overcooked and from there to sometimes take that color tone between gray and green.

Another important trick, and that has to do with the cooking of cooked eggs, is precisely the fact of stopping the cooking. Once the 10 minutes have passed, it is not enough to extinguish the flame, since in order to stop cooking the boiled eggs they must be put in cold water.

By doing this, you will not only get the perfect cooking point, but also help the shell not be stuck to the egg and be much easier to peel. To do this, have prepared a bowl with cold water and ice where you can put the eggs ready, until they cool.

Boiled Egg Time Tips

Benefits of boiled eggs

If you are wondering what are the benefits of eating boiled eggs , here is a list so you can convince yourself to include this food in your diet:

  • Losing weight: Cooked eggs provide a large amount of high quality protein, which helps control appetite. In addition, this same protein is easily absorbed, which makes the boiled eggs a perfect food for muscle recovery, after exercising.
  • Take care of your eyes: Including hard boiled eggs in our diet helps prevent macular degeneration, thanks to nutrients such as lalutein and zeaxanthin. In addition, they also help prevent the risk of cataracts.
  • Hair and nails: Containing a high percentage of sulfur, eggs are a wonderful source of Vitamin D, which along with other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, act to benefit the healthy growth of both hair and nails.

Brain and connections: Choline is a nutrient present in cooked eggs that helps regulate the nervous system, brain and cardiovascular health. In addition, it helps maintain the cells responsible for the transmission of orders from the brain to the rest of the body.

What is Boiled egg time

The best recipes with boiled eggs

In we have a good number of recipes with boiled eggs that will surely make your mouth water. So now, as you know how to prepare perfect boiled eggs, these recipes will be more than a piece of cake and you will surely surprise everyone at home.

Stuffed eggs:

  • Eggs with bacon and cheddar
  • Light filled eggs
  • Green bean salad with ham and egg

Cooked eggs:

  • Cooked eggs for children
  • Chilean corn cake

And remember that if you know other tricks or want to share your experience making cooked eggs you can leave us your comments.

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