Bra Sizes – How To Measure Bra size at Home

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What every woman ought to know about bra sizes. A bra too big or too small is not only uncomfortable, but in the long run can be harmful to health. A bra that does not fit well can cause pain in the back , neck and even the head. In addition, it can deform the chest.

How to calculate your bra size
In order to find the right bra, you must know your exact measurements, as they are decisive in finding the correct size. Usually, it is first measured below the chest, and then the contour of the chest. The size of the cups is obtained from the difference between both measurements. The measurement must be made without a bra and without clothes.

Measure below the chest
The perimeter of the thorax can be measured in two different ways. It is necessary to measure just below the chest, without moving away from this area. Make sure that the tape measure is attached to the skin and horizontal.

In principle you should measure the perimeter twice. The first time without adjusting the tape measure too much to the thorax (it is important that you do not get stuck in the skin). In addition, you must inspire when taking the measurement. Insert the number obtained. The second time you should adjust the tape plus your thorax, you can stay somewhat tight. This time it expires when measuring and also inserts this number.

Bra Sizes

Measure the contour of the chest
To obtain the exact measurement of the chest, you must place the tape measure in the most prominent part of the chest when measuring. The measurement must always be done standing. Make sure that the tape measure is parallel to the ground and inspires you to take the measurement.

Bra Size

Get bra sizes without tape measure
You can also get your bra size without the need for a tape measure. For this you can use a rope or cord. Use the string as described above and mark the exact length with a pencil. Then you can determine the correct measurement with the help of a ruler or meter.

The right bra sizes for big breasts
Do you have a big bust? Then it is important that your bra has the right size and suits you well. Usually large breasts are heavy, and the right bra will provide optimal support. Women with a large bust who do not wear the proper bra size may suffer from various physical discomforts. When buying a bra, keep in mind that the fastening of this garment depends 80% of the band and not, as is usually thought, of the straps. If the band of the bra is too loose and deviates upwards, the weight of the breasts will be transferred to the straps. As a result, they will dig into the skin, causing contractures and back and neck pains.

Do you have big breasts? In this case, you will have to pay attention to the following aspects when selecting a bra:

  • Wide and padded straps, since they will not stick into the skin like those that are thinner, and will unload the neck and shoulder area.
  • A wider back, which will increase comfort and prevent it from being keyed.
  • A wider band that has an anatomical shape and is made with a robust material.
  • Hoop fasteners, in which the ring surrounds the lower part of the chest, since they support and shape the breasts at the same time.
  • A high central front, which provides an optimal shape and good support.
  • The bra should have a high cut on the neck and armpits and present a soft closure to avoid marks and irritations.
  • Breathable and compatible with the skin.
    These types of bras are especially recommended for people with large breasts:
  • Full cup bras , as they offer optimal support. By covering the entire chest, they prevent it from moving.
  • Fasteners with rim , as they give shape to the chest and offer optimal support provided that the ring surrounds the chest well.
  • Reductive fasteners , which reduce the chest to one size.

How to know what is your bra size?
The size of a bra consists of a number and a letter. The first corresponds to the circumference of the back. And what does the letter of the size of the bra mean? It is a scale that refers to breast sizes.

Maybe you’re wondering how to know the right bra size for you. Read on to find out. To begin with, you need to measure the circumference of your back in inches, at the height of the lower part of the breasts, with a flexible tape measure. The tape should be somewhat tight, without tightening too much. This is how the size of the bra that surrounds the back is measured.

Determining the size of the cups of the bra is as important as knowing the size of the bra. To do this, measure again in inches the contour of your back using the tape measure, but this time making sure to surround the bust in the center. Subtract the result from the measurements obtained in the previous step. Your ideal bra cup will be A if the difference is less than 1, B if it ranges from 1.5 to 2, C is from 2.5 to 3, and so on.

How to choose the correct bra size?
Calculating bra size accurately is essential for the well-being of every woman. But getting this data is only part of the process. What else can you do to know the correct bra size?

It is advisable to try on the lingerie you already have and detect any anomaly in the measures of the bra. If you have little or very tight, check the bra sizes. Doing this will be very useful in deciding if you need a larger or smaller model.

How to choose the perfect bra with the help of the calculator and the size tables of bra
Depending on the country of manufacture, bras sizes can use different measurement systems. Two very practical tools to obtain the scale in the corresponding standard are the fastener size calculator and the fastener size tables.

The calculator generates a large amount of useful information from two data related to the size of the bra in centimeters: the perimeter of the chest and the circumference below it. The tables, meanwhile, allow you to compare the sizes of the most commonly used fasteners internationally and quickly find the support you require.

What are the best bras for small breasts?
Do you have small breasts? Then you do not have to worry about back or neck pain because of your weight. In any case, small breasts are not a reason to do without a good bra that can give them a nice shape. If you want to increase the size of your breasts in sight, you can resort for example to a push-up bra or balconette , or silicone pads.

Bras for pointy breasts
Do you have very pointed breasts and do not want to have your nipples under your clothes? In that case, a basic bra or a traditional full-bodied bra are a good choice for you. The filling of these types of bra will prevent the nipples from being noticed under the clothes. If, on the other hand, you want something more volume, you can try a push-up , which enhances the chest and gives it a beautiful shape.

What bra do you use for uneven breasts?
Women who by nature have breasts of the same size are rather the exception. Although the difference in size is reduced in most women, in some cases the difference in size between both breasts can be clearly visible. In addition, the nipples can be in different positions in breasts of different sizes.

Although breasts of different sizes do not cause any physical problems, some women can have a bad time because of their appearance. A bra that fits well can remedy this problem. For example, breasts of different sizes can be disguised very well by means of bras with pads. You can remove the pad from the larger breast cup and, depending on the difference, insert one or two pads into the smaller breast cup.

The correct age to start wearing a bra
There is no general rule at what age you should start using bra. It’s different for each girl. The age at which a girl needs or wants a bra is very individual. The deciding factor for most girls is the desire to feel beautiful and feminine with a bra. Another reason, of course, is for the breast to have support.

So if you want to wear pretty and feminine underwear, now may be the right time for your first bra. Or if your breasts have already grown and you feel that they need to be held or shaped for a certain set.

Many girls start with a bra for sports, because otherwise the breasts bounce and they will find it unpleasant or embarrassing. Others use one so that the nipples can not be seen. If you want to try a bra, do it. You can try it yourself at a store or place an order online to see if it’s something for you.

How to find the Sisters Bra Sizes?
Cross-carving is actually your best friend when your favorite bra is no longer available in the correct size. The size of the cross is a neighboring size and therefore the next smallest or the next largest bra size that suits you. How is the size of your sister? Good news: The bra size calculator will automatically tell you the bra sizes of your sister. Do the bra sizes of the sisters really work? Oh yeah! Try it, you will be surprised.

How to find the right bra sizes?
Measure the circumference of your chest and the circumference of the bust. Then you can see the correct size of the bra in the table. Do not be discouraged by the many numbers in the bra size chart – this seems much more complicated than it really is!

1.Find your value in the size chart of the bra in the bust measurement column. For example, if you have measured 79 cm, then you are in the fourth column with the values ​​from 78 to 82 exactly to the right. Now direct your gaze one column farther to the size of the order – but stay on the same line. In the appropriate line you will find the size of the band you need. In our example I would need size 80.

2. Now you need the size of your cup. Find your value on the line where you have already found your bust measurement. For example, if your bust is 97 cm wide, you have the size of cup C. And you have found the right bra! That was easier than you thought, right ?!

Are normal uneven breasts?
Yes! Very few women have symmetrical breasts. Usually, the right breast is slightly smaller than the left breast. Buy a bra that fits perfectly to the largest chest. The cup of the bra should gently adhere to them and support them lightly, but should not cut into them or cause them to spill or swell. If the bra is too loose on the smaller chest side, use cushions.

That’s why you should wear the right bra
Many women do not wear the right bra size. The reason? Many women do not seek professional advice until they experience pain or other problems.

Using the wrong size for a long time can damage your health. This can result in back pain, as well as neck pain and headaches. In addition, an incorrectly adjusted bra presses the skin and, in the worst case, even leads to breast deformity. In 2018 blitzresults. com conducted a study and found:

  • 16% of all women wear a bra too small, 4% wear a bra too small.
  • 26% use a bra that is too big, 6% wear a bra that is significantly too big
  • Only 48% have the right size
  • Especially young women often misjudge their size. But women over 40 were also more likely to choose the wrong size. It seems that the size of the bra is not adapted to the dimensions and proportions of the body.
  • 74% stated that the measurement system with its subdivision in the circumference of the lower bust and the size of the cup was unclear.
  • 82% said that when buying a new bra, the focus was on the size of the previous bra. Only 18% let themselves be helped with the purchase by specialized personnel or they measure themselves.

Bras for big breasts
Full breasts with a round shape signify femininity and youth. But not all breasts correspond to this supposed ideal of beauty. On the other hand, the most pointed forms in puberty and adolescence are as typical as the slight asymmetries. Almost no woman has two breasts of the same size and shape.

Although this is the most common condition, different breasts can also cause distress. Especially when the asymmetry in shape or size is so pronounced that it shows even under clothing. With proper support, however, a balance can be achieved. This not only has an optical effect. The adjustment can also improve tissue support, which in turn provides relief and prevents postural damage.

Bras for asymmetric sinuses
With breasts of different sizes, the shape of the breasts is often different, the nipples sit in different positions or points in different directions and the volume may vary from side to side. However, in the case of pointed breasts, the path between the upper part of the breast and the nipple is visible and may have an almost triangular profile. The bras with preformed cups solve all these supposed “problems” at the same time.

To a certain extent, molded shell fasteners act as shape shapers and formers. They do not let the nipples shine through the upholstery and the clothes, creating a balanced appearance. To increase the symmetry in case of small lateral differences, the lengths of the beam can be easily adjusted. For larger volume differences, on the other hand, cushions and pillows are suitable. But even then it is important to choose the right bra size first.

Upholstery and Cushions
Mammary malformations, operations and hereditary predisposition can lead to a marked difference between breast sizes. However, removable cushions or additional cushions can be used to achieve a more symmetrical shape. Shell bra cups or padded adjustable bras can be used as the basis for this.

The removal of removable pads and cushions on the larger side of the chest is ideal and easy. On the smaller chest side, on the other hand, they are inserted so that the support is provided in the bust area. On the one hand, this has a relief effect. On the other hand, the breast tissue is pushed up by this measurement, fills the basket and promotes a symmetrical appearance.

The upholstery helps with very pointed breasts
In the case of a clearly pointed chest, the cushion pads should be left in the cups on both sides. This increases the volume in the upper part of the breast, the shape is rounded and seems more complete. If the cushions are not enough, additional silicone inserts can be used. The material is tender and soft, warms pleasantly and adheres to the skin during movements. For the user this means a very comfortable and natural feeling.

Even with deep necklines, the filling effect is wonderfully suited to optically balance asymmetry or pointy breasts. However, care must be taken not to squeeze the tissue. Too much pressure is not only unpleasant in the long term, it can also reduce blood flow.

Triangle and support for the neck as pretty helps
The fasteners with straps that run on the neck are suitable for asymmetries as well as for pointed breasts. The breasts automatically rise slightly, which makes the upper part of the breast more voluminous. In addition, the different bra sizes can be easily compensated by the aforementioned aids. The inserts that are used attract less attention or are easier to laminate.

However, it is also important that these triangular or neck fasteners focus on designs with padded cups.

Bra Sizes – How to know if your bra fits or not

  • It is important to measure correctly, because this is the only way to calculate the optimal size of the bra.
  • Always try different sizes of bra. If you are not sure, it is advisable to consult a specialized dealer.
  • The breast band expands with time. So buy a bra that fits better with the looser hook. You can still close the bra with a tighter hook and use it longer.
  • The bra straps should fit snugly under the breasts and tightly. The outer temples should be around the thorax, the inner temples approximately in the center of the sternum. As soon as you tighten the straps, the size of the bra is not correct.
  • Each brand interprets support sizes a bit differently and production is subject to variations. Therefore, the size should be checked. Raise your arms and crouch. If the bra is the right size, then the bra covers the chest and supports it. If the seat is too loose or too tight, the size should be adjusted accordingly.
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