Can Hickies Cause Cancer? Read this Alarming Truth!

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Are the hickeys dangerous or can hickies cause cancer? Although it is usually a sample of passion and affection on the part of the couple, they can cause different diseases that you might not have imagined.

Check 6 harmful results of these bites in the neck:

1. They are bruises
Intense suction can cause a bruise; accumulation of blood caused by internal hemorrhage. When they make a hickey part of your tissues and blood vessels are broken, and that accumulated blood causes the painful and striking purple marks.

2. People with iron deficiency are more likely to have hickeys
Lack of iron in the diet can make you bruise more easily . Avoid them by eating red meats and green leafy vegetables .

3. hickies can cause oral herpes
If your partner has oral herpes can transmit the virus to you by having contact with your skin by means of the hickey , so it is better to avoid or limit this sexual practice.

4. There is no cure for hickeys
There is no cure for them (although putting ice on the affected area can help reduce the bruise). However, the healthier you are, the faster the brand will disappear.

5. hickies can leave you scars
They can be intense and deep, to the point of leaving a mark on your skin (and no, you do not want to go through life with a mark on your neck or your face product of this sexual practice).

6. hickies can cause paralysis
They can cause paralysis; this was the case of a woman in New Zealand whose left arm was paralyzed by this type of bite.

His partner sucked it with such force that it formed a blood clot that when it reached the heart caused a small heart attack and later paralysis. Something to consider for people who ask, can hickies cause cancer?

So we do not tell you to abstain from this sexual and affectionate practice but you must be careful when you put it into practice because the hickeys could affect you more than you think.

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can hickies cause cancer

In addition to not being pleasing to the eye, these “tests of love” can put your health at risk.

Surely when you were in high school you boasted of some? Hickey ? that mark that appears when someone comes to suck some part of your body for a long time. They may seem innocent enough, but sometimes the side effects are bad.

The hickeys are the most common sexual injuries, are unattractive and zero sexy. They appear when biting or sucking soft spots on the body, especially the neck and/or inside of the thighs. The tiny globules called capillaries rupture and generate a bruise that takes up to weeks to disappear.

The bruise is frightening because the shape is quite particular, so it is easy to detect when a mouth sucks until tired that area. As time passes the bruise turns yellow until it disappears, but that is the least of your problems.

If you are a person who is bruised by anything, a hickey could stay on your skin for a long time because it is very likely that you have iron deficiencies.

If your partner has oral herpes and it occurs to you to make a hickey because he can not kiss you, it is a fact that when you come into contact with the skin it gives rise to the virus and then someone has a herpes outbreak and yes, we refer to you.

Forget the spoon and the ice or the makeup. There is not something that makes them disappear from your skin. The only thing you can do is reduce the inflammation or hide them slightly.

This has to do with your skin and the severity of the hickey. When you damage the skin by suction your blood vessels break, which generates a lesion that may not be detectable by the naked eye and could consist of a permanent darkening of the area where you were sucked.

It is not a joke. In 2011, a New Zealand woman suffered a stroke due to a hickey. Her passionate partner created a blood clot in her neck, which led to total paralysis of her left arm and therefore, an embolism.

So think when you feel like leaving a mark of love to your partner, you will be hurting their health. So, can hickies cause cancer? Maybe not.

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