Cheap Places to Travel While They Are Still Cheap

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Fascinating cheap places to travel that you need to know. Going around the world and discovering stories in every corner is a pleasure hard to match.

We all like to take the suitcase, catch a flight and know different places and cultures , however, our pockets does not always give us this lifestyle …

For that reason we have selected two cheap places to travel  in each continent, but not only that , we have also tried to have something unforgettable to offer to our list of experiences.

Take notepad and pen and start to cross off places on your list.

South Africa

cheap places to travel - south africa
Visit South Africa

After decades of hateful racial segregation and a semi-closed country to the world, South Africa managed to follow the path of progress that respects human rights.

The completion of the 2010 World Soccer Championship put the nation on all the screens of the planet and tourism took an unprecedented peak.

South Africa is one of the cheap places to travel that is in great demand for hunting tourism, given the large number of operators who organize safaris for hunters around the world and also for people who are only interested in observing natural life.

The joke of economizing on a trip to South Africa is to do it in the low season, in the Northern Hemisphere summer, when very cheap accommodations can be found.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

cheap places to travel - spain
Travel to Spain

Barcelona is one of the cities with the greatest culture and elegance in Europe and its inclusion in a list of low-cost tourist destinations or cheap places to travel could surprise you.

However, there are three elements that make a stay in the “Ciudad Condal” cheaper: its tradition of tapas, the high availability of free or very cheap cultural attractions, and relatively cheap public transport.

Tapeo is the Spanish custom of eating small portions or “tapas” while drinking a drink, and all the bars and restaurants in Barcelona offer this possibility, which ends up having lunch or dinner at a very convenient cost.

The majestic architectural works of Barcelona, ​​such as the Park and the Guell Palace, the Temple of the Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia, are attractions that you can admire for free.

The intense cultural activity of Barcelona in its museums, theaters and concert halls, end up rounding off a cheap holiday.

Crete, Greece

Cheap Places to travel - Greece
Discover Greece

The inhabitants of the small towns and villages of the Greek islands are characterized by capturing their fish, raising their own animals and growing plant products on their farms.

This makes eating on a Greek island exquisite and cheap, since the Hellenes are kind and in solidarity with tourists.

In addition, Greece is a country in need of hard currency and anyone willing to spend dollars or euros is treated like a king.

Greece has some 1,400 islands, of which 227 are inhabited, but if one had to choose one to settle on a trip, Crete has sufficient merits to be selected.

It was the cradle of the Minoan civilization, the oldest known European culture, and its archaeological sites in Knossos, Festos, Malia and Hagia Triada, are among the most important of humanity. To this we must add its paradisiacal beaches, such as Balos.


cheap places to travel - portugal
Fall in love with Portugal

Portugal is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Europe, especially if you avoid large cities and look for small towns near the coast located on secondary roads.

Beach enthusiasts have in Portugal a long Atlantic coastline of almost 1800 km, not including insular coasts, such as the wonderful islands of Madeira and the Azores, although the latter are located 1,400 km from the continent.

In the small cities and towns of the interior there are small hotels and inns with excellent rates and a complete meal, which has cooked to the Portuguese or cod, accompanied with a glass of wine from the Douro or the Alentejo, costs about 5 dollars. The glass of Porto or Madeira if you have to budget separately.

Most visitors go to the major tourist centers of the Algarve, Madeira, the Tajo Valley, Lisbon, Porto, the Azores and the Beiras, where good deals can also be found.


Cheap places to visit - Thailand
Visit Thailand

Those who love the picturesque chaos of populous cities will be in their element in Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. This city and all Thais have the additional advantage that they are cheap all year round.

An equipped apartment can be rented for less than 20 dollars a day; a bungalow costs 4 dollars with breakfast included; In a street stall a tasty meal can be made for less than a dollar.

With the lodging and the food solved with so little, there is enough money to spend on the beaches of Ao Nang, Phuket, Koh Samui or Phi Phi; to know the palaces, Buddhist temples and other architectural attractions and for fun in the charismatic nights of the Asian country.

Do not forget to try in Thailand the pad thai, a dish similar to a paella; the popular noodles and the pinchos morunos.

Tijuana, Mexico

cheap places to travel - Mexico
Travel to Mexico

The westernmost city in Latin America, Puerta de Mexico, Corner of Latin America, currently meets three conditions for international tourism, particularly American:

its attractions and world-class infrastructure, its proximity to the United States and the favorable relationship between the dollar and the Mexican peso.

Tijuana also has many restaurants and food stalls where economically enjoy delicious and varied Mexican cuisine such as tacos, burritos, barbecue and kitchen dishes sea.

Now, if you fancy the delicacies of the Baja Med Kitchen, if you have to pay a little more.

For the rest, Tijuana has incredible cultural spaces and very low cost, like its museums, not to mention the clubs and bars where you can have a “low cost” party.

We have many other charming and cheap places to travel to comment, such as Romania, Poland, Estonia, Asturias, Uruguay and Ethiopia, but we will leave them for the next occasion.


places-cheap-to-travel india
Fall in love with India

Do you want to know cheap places to travel on vacation? Well, here you have a very cheap country with an incredible culture to discover so far away that we are used to every day can give you a new surprise.

It is a huge country and the price difference between the regions is increasing, the only thing with which You have to be careful not to try to spend as little as possible, you can find beds for € 2 but keep in mind that the quality of them will leave much to be desired.

If I tell you about the cuisine of India I have nothing but good words, I love it, it is very tasty and very cheap, you can eat for 2 or 3 euros and you will find many types of sandwiches that cost 0.50 cents.

Many backpackers get lost in this country for months, but you have to keep in mind that it is not an easy destination if it is your first trip as a backpacker, people are sometimes a little heavy with foreigners and bargaining and negotiation is the daily bread in their culture.

So you’ll have to use them often on your trip, but it’s something that will also make your experience and your adventures unique.


cheap places to travel - Peru
Discover Peru

Peru is another of the  cheap places to travel especially if you move through the northern part of the country.

Although the south is not expensive either. Our recommendation is that you do not miss the south of Peru with attractions such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the town of Arequipa or Copacabana.

Traveling around the country is very cheap. You can do it by bus or plane. The recommendation is that if you have to take an internal flight you reserve it on the spot .

So, for example, a flight over the mysterious Nazca lines will leave you for 530 soles (150 Euros) if you book it from Spain and for only 350 soles (98 Euros) if you do it in Nazca itself.

Argentina • Cheap travel in America

Fly to Argentina

A country known throughout the world its backpacking routes and its incredible gastronomy are the main attraction of this country where you can enjoy the mountains, the outdoors and spectacular landscapes.

Besides the Argentines are incredible people who will not hesitate to throw you a cable with anything.


cheap places to travel - Ireland
Visit Ireland

You can enjoy very cheap flights, luckily for us travelers every day air tickets are cheaper, something that undoubtedly helps us a lot, discover some of the hidden places of their capital and have some beers in the typical pub Irish will be some of the experiences you can experience in the capital.


Poland is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Visit this surprisingly warm and vibrant nation and stretch your vacation budget to the fullest.

But what makes Poland so cheap? One of the reasons why prices have remained low while the rest of Europe is only increasing by the second is its currency.

Although Poland is part of the European Union, the Polish government has postponed the adoption of the Euro until at least 2019.

With which its depreciated currency makes our Euro much more valuable and can buy more things for less money. So, for example, rent, an apartment in the center of Wroclaw, one of the cities with the most architectural treasures in the country, will cost you 32 euros a day.

Cheap places to travel - Poland
Travel to Poland

Cheap Places to Travel in Africa
Summarize the continent where the human being has its origins is impossible mission. Fifty-four countries make up this huge territory in which, although it is true that in several of them you have to be careful, or simply not go, in others the experience is magical and enriching.

Oceans, deserts, jungles, mountains and a lot, but a lot of culture mix to generate what is possibly the most enigmatic land on the planet .


From the Mediterranean Sea, through the Atlas Mountains, to the Sahara desert, our neighbor from the south offers the perfect conditions for any traveler willing to get lost among the most authentic colors and sensations .

Be captivated by the medina of Fez, get lost in the blue labyrinths of Chefchaouen and walk through all the squares and markets of Marrakech.

Morocco is a place where the friendliness of the people and the exoticism of its gastronomy will make returning to routine a real ordeal.

The best? It is an ideal place to make a cheap holiday without having to travel very far and the feeling is, literally, to be lost in the distance.


The east coast of Africa is the definition of beauty, but beauty in abundance.

Tanzania has several of the icons of Africa that nobody should ever stop visiting in their lives: the Serengeti National Park and its exotic fauna, where to see wildebeest, chimpanzees, elephants or hippos is normal;

the Mount Kilimanjaro , Africa ceiling, and crown of snow covering its summit; the island of Zanzibar and its white sand beaches like ivory and a sea of ​​impossible blues.

I assure you that on your return, all you will want to do is take Swahili lessons to return as soon as possible to this earthly paradise.

Oceania – Cheap Places to Travel
Literally, Oceania is that continent that is on the other side of the planet, in the antipodes of Spain , more specifically, New Zealand.

But, did you know that, in addition to the Lord of the Rings country and Australia, there are 12 other countries where staying is much cheaper?

Yes, and they are also completely fascinating places.


best-destinations-of-the-world-for-travel-cheap-in-2018-samoa-boy-submerged-in-the-water-with-white-sandSurely you’ve heard of Polynesia, that set of islands in the Pacific Ocean that are basically paradise on earth and yes, Samoa is part of this privileged geographical environment.

The country is made up of two main islands and eight islets of volcanic origin, all surrounded by the most beautiful beaches that your eyes can see , where very green mountains stop the relentless advance of the sea.

In addition to natural wonders such as Upolu, Aganoa Beach, Pe’ape’a cave or the particular To Sua Ocean Trench natural pool , Samoa has a very particular culture, where tattoos are an essential part.

Do you feel like returning with a memory engraved on your skin?



There is nothing more liberating than having the feeling of being in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet , surrounded by nothing but vegetation and lots, but lots of water.

Fiji is a place where words do not do it justice. This archipelago made up of more than 300 islands and 522 atolls is an ideal destination to combine the typical beach vacations in which you do not have to move from the deck chair to the bathroom.

But it is also a perfect destination for sports such as diving, where the coral reefs will charm you with its beauty , or hiking, to admire the whimsical volcanic formations that sculpt the place.

By the way, if the party is going, be sure to go out and discover the nightlife of Suva.

More Cheap Places to Travel in America

From Alaska to Patagonia, what the New World offers travelers is a demonstration of how exciting the planet we inhabit can be.

The contrasts that are found in America inevitably lead to reflection and make traveling through their lands an enriching experience .

In addition, you decide, you can spend a lot of money or you can decide to travel cheap without giving up any comfort.



To talk about Ecuador, it is essential to start with its people. Its magnificent people , always ready to help and show the riches of this interesting territory.

Attractiveness of the South American country? Everything you want! From the exotic Galapagos Islands , snow-capped volcanoes, Amazon jungle, colonial cities, indigenous villages where the poetry of Quechua sweetens the ear …

Oh, and the beaches … those wonders in front of the Pacific Ocean where surfing is the daily bread . Ecuador is, with certainty, one of the most exciting destinations on the globe.



The image of the sky reflected in the earth, in a blindingly white environment at more than 3,600 meters of altitude is something that is recorded in the retina and, fortunately, there is no way to erase it.

The Salar de Uyuni alone, is already enough reason to visit Bolivia , a country of height in every way. This wonderful country ensures a cultural shock, since the mixture of cultures and languages that cohabit in this magical place achieve a total impact.

The biodeversity of Bolivia is extremely varied and interesting, as well as the cities of Sucre, Samaipata, La Paz or Potosí , considered the highest city in the world.

Oh! And please, let’s not forget the famous Lake Titicaca, cradle of the Inca civilization.

Other Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

The old continent is not exactly a cheap territory to travel, however, there are still quite affordable countries full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Believe me, you do not have to cross the world to marvel.



Romania is a fascinating country. Located between Central and Eastern Europe, this Latin country borders on the Black Sea, where the Danube River empties.

The imposing Carpathian mountains cover the easternmost part of the territory and hide the mysterious castle of Vlad Tepes, better known as Dracula, the most famous vampire in history .

Venture to discover why there are those who consider Romania as the origin of man and let yourself be seduced by the oldest language in Europe. All this, in one of the cheap places to travel through the Old Continent.


When you think you’ve seen it all, that Europe has no more interesting places, that’s when the map highlights Albania, that great unknown with so much to offer :

history (a lot of history), gastronomy, landscapes … and, besides everything, It is an ideal destination among the cheap places to travel! Who can resist a city called Tirana?

The atmosphere of the capital, its museums, its restaurants and its nightlife are excellent , although the passage of the most extreme communism has left a clearly recognizable mark.

The hectic urban life contrasts with the tranquility of the valleys, like that of the Theti, the calm of the imposing mountains and the absolute enjoyment of the beautiful beaches .

Asia – More Cheap Places to Travel

Asia is a giant continent. Nondescript. Both the most modern cities , as the deepest jungles and the highest mountains of the planet converge in a place that is, clearly, the other side of the globe.

Here, you can ride it as you want. In Asia there are places where opulence is what it takes (does that sound like “Asian luxury”?),

But it is also full of cheap places to travel where traveling cheap without sacrificing comfort is inevitable and that is what interests us the most.



This country could well be called Buenasia. Yes! Because this name is really the one that would do justice to all the beauty with which it counts.

If you decide to visit this magnificent place, you will lose yourself among the exotic tropical jungles (the oldest on the planet ) inhabited by animals to which, I assure you, you are not accustomed to see;

you will relax on the beautiful beaches of its wonderful islands; you will know first hand the rituals of the aboriginal tribes that inhabit Borneo; your palate will hallucinate with completely new and exciting flavors ; and you will be lost in the vastness of Kuala Lumpur, a modern city crowned by the giant Petronas Towers.



Off the coast of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea there is a country that no traveler in search of authentic experiences can overlook .

We refer to Burma or Myanmar, however you want to name it, it will not change the wonders that reside here.

The temples of Bagan will rob you in breath and fly over them in a balloon is an experience that, by itself, already deserves a visit to this Southeast Asian country.

Admire the majesty of Swedagon Paya, the imposing golden monument , go hiking on the Inle Lake, visit the city of Mandalay, climb the Mount Popa and finish lying on any white sandy beach of the Myeik Archipelago is a recommended itinerary.

It’s great to be able to travel to a cheap destination but with so much and so much to offer.

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