CNC Router Machine for Your Creativity

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A cnc router is a very useful tool used to cut wood and a wide variety of soft materials such as: acrylic, mdf, aluminum, brass, bronze, steel sheet, etc.

The scope that has a cnc router is very broad because it has a range of many job possibilities such as: crafts, advertising, furniture manufacturing, metal manufacturing, hobbies, among others.

Working with a cnc router is very exciting, because it stimulates creativity because what you imagine in your mind you can create on a cnc router.

How many times have you wanted to create something you do not have to develop it?

With a cnc router you can have this scope, because you can start from a simple design, size it in AutoCAD and then take it to a code generation program and then send this file through Mach3 to move the Cartesian axes of the cnc router and machine your ideas to materialize them, you can see a cnc router as a machine that lands your imagination on something material and make your dreams come true.

cnc router 2

It can be said that a cnc router is a printer that prints in three dimensions, because we have length, width and depth.

In the same way that a printer puts a sheet in to print in two directions, the same happens in a cnc router since the sheet of material is placed to proceed to record your ideas in three dimensions.

In the industry, this is a method that is used to make prototypes of most of the products you can see in the market such as: cell phones, televisions, cars, boats, furniture, and everything you can see around in your life daily, for sure it was a prototype made on a cnc router.

Nowadays technology has advanced drastically, and it begins to reach our hands and it is time for us to take advantage of this moment.

The one who hits first hits double. Its almost virgin market where there is very little competition.

The competition is like the guests at a party and in this party there is a cake, this cake I have distributed in equal parts with the guests and according to the number of guests they will be the size of the cake that each person will touch.

The cake is like a niche market, if the cake is large and the guests are few, then it will be a good slice, otherwise if the cake the boy and the guests are many, then it will touch a small slice.

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