Do You Have OCD? Here’s How to Beat It Without Drugs!

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Do you organize your clothes by color or according to the seasons?

Don’t like seeing the rugs all tossed?

You can’t leave your house, without checking at least 3 times to see if the windows are closed?

You may have OCD! Have you ever heard about it? You probably have.

OCD means Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, and according to science, it is a mental condition, that causes repetitive and uncontrollable behaviors. And believe it: it can affect people’s lives very seriously!

Very hard to be diagnosed, this disorder goes from washing your hands all the time, or even biting your nails to keep yourself in a pattern.

Symptoms of OCD include changes in behavior (rituals or compulsions, repetitions, avoidance), in thoughts (excessive worries, doubts, unwanted or “bad” thoughts, obsessions), and in emotions (fear, discomfort, distress, guilt, depression). People who suffer from this mental disorder also suffer from lots of fears.

Usually, your doctor may suggest a treatment with a behavioral therapist, and also prescribe some medicine to alleviate the constant tension.

There are also some natural alternatives that may help you.

If you suffer from OCD and are getting better, share your experiences with us.


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