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9 things that can be done with GoogleMap (and not everyone knows)

Google Maps is one of the most used tools for any journey but it is more than just a browser.

This ‘app’ has a series of applications and shortcuts that, apart from saving time, provide really useful functionalities.

Of course, you have to know that they exist.

They are not completely known since they are out of the common use that people give to Maps, but they become faithful companions of travel once they are discovered.

It happens that sometimes technological tools are used without taking the full advantage they have.

Therefore, it is time to get going and see calmly what things can be done with one of the most famous apps of Google.

Secrets that few people know and can help on a day-to-day basis in any city.

1. Remember where the car is parked

The first functionality, for the most clueless. Know at all times the position of the car, where it remained parked. Many times it parks without paying attention in the street, or the specific place. Very useful if you park in a city where you do not reside and, therefore, it is not as well known as the place of residence. To access it, click on the blue button that shows the location and select ” Save parking “. When you search for the vehicle again you only have to open the application and look for the letter ‘P’ (‘parking’) on the map.

2. Share a location

They have many ‘apps’ and GoogleMap was not going to be an exception. There is no better way to indicate a position than by sending the exact place on a map. This exact coordinate allows you to even trace a route from the point where you are to the one you indicate, and vice versa, someone who wants to go to the position that is sent. It is accessed more or less the same as the previous one: by pressing the blue dot and selecting ” Share location “.

3. Use maps offline

It is one of the most useful functions, especially when a trip is made outside and there is no data in the device, or the signal is not entirely adequate. GoogleMap allows you to download a part of the map and use it without being connected. To do this, once inside the ‘app’ the menu is displayed and you click on ” Maps without connection “. The area of ​​interest is selected with the fingers, the corresponding ‘zoom’ is applied and downloaded. With this you can already use that part of the map even if there is no connection, using the ‘app’ normally. To take into account, as Google warns, there are areas of the world where this operation can not be done.

4. Searches without hands

The voice, that element that is going to revolutionize the banking of the future , and that also threatens to change the keyboards and screens by the voice as the preferred interface. If you can even send money using the voice, how will it not be possible to use GoogleMap at the stroke of a vocal order? Not using your hands while driving is mandatory and GoogleMap, with the help of an Android device, solves this problem. Simply saying the voice command ” Ok, Google ” and then indicating what you want: “how is the traffic?”; “Avoid tolls”; “Look for gas stations”; and another series of questions to make the trip more comfortable.

5. Customize the map

A function that allows you to add those frequent destinations (home, work …) so that the map already has pre-calculated routes and can even give in real time how long it takes to the selected destination. It shows the traffic, the works and even the weather forecast. In order to add these sites, you must go to the side menu and click on “my sites”. It will only be necessary to add the exact address of the destination point. You can even make lists by themes, also going to ” my sites “, then ” saved ” and once inside there will be some examples. By pressing the “+” button you can create your own lists with as many places as you want.

6. Receive traffic alerts

The traffic jams, those feared enemies in the daily life of many cities. Being always aware of the best routes to get home soon is an advantage that must be taken advantage of. Here is the previous point: if you have selected an address as a destination, the ‘app’ warns of traffic and even proposes better routes. To activate this function you have to go to the menu, enter ” Settings “, select ” Notifications ” and, finally, select ” Traffic “. In this section you can also configure the notifications that you want.

7. Find sites of interest near a point

“Where do we eat?”, “Which workshop is the closest,” etc. Questions that anyone ever asks themselves, especially when they are away from home or in an unknown area. To do this, you have to enter the search engine of the application and type “restaurants near me” or “workshops near me”, to solve that doubt and offer all possible options in the area. Therefore, the key is ” near me “.

8. The answer is in the history

Google saves everything, or almost everything. There are times when you have to go back to a place where you were recently but the exact address has been lost. To correct this complication, go to the side menu, select ” Your routes ” and the last visited sites will be displayed using Maps. If, for any reason, you do not want the destinations saved, you must go to “Settings”, then the location history and uncheck the option.

9. ‘Street View’: navigate to eye view

‘ Street View ‘ is one of the most prominent options of Maps, although you have to know that it exists and the universe of options it can give. First, search the phone for any location in the search engine (or choose a point on the map). Next, you have to touch the image that appears in the lower left corner of the screen to access an image of the specific place. Here comes the novelty, right at the top, and a little to the right, a compass appears. When clicking on it, the view will change to locate the user right at the point. In addition, by moving the mobile you will have the right perspective of the place and as if you were looking around.

Make a custom map in GoogleMap

Normally, Google Map is used to search for addresses, routes between two points, etc. but there is also the option to create a custom map. Carry out a road trip, putting indicators, pointing out restaurants, bars, gas stations, even bank tellers. Always saved and ready to be consulted at any time.

The option to create these maps is done in a different web, but under the domain of Google itself. You have to access the website “My Maps” and click on start. The only thing to keep in mind in this first step is that if you have not logged in to a Google account, you will be asked to enter the email address and password to get started.

Once inside, the first thing you can do is change the name of the map. Simply click on ‘Map without name’ in the upper left corner of the screen, type or write on the mobile screen a new name and click on ‘Save’. At this point you can also put a small description , important if shared with friends. Option that allows when the creation of the new map is completed.

From this point the creation belongs to each user. In the upper part there is the search bar of GoogleMap, and just below several tools to write and customize the map. Functions with which markers can be added , or create road routes between two destinations. There is also the option to write texts on the map and if you press the rule icon you can measure distances.

Once the points are located, clicking on them will open a window to customize them even more. They can add title, description and some photograph or video of the specific place .

‘My Maps’ allows road routes between two points.

In addition, to make the experience more complete, you can choose the ‘base map’ on which to perform the customization. It is the basis with which all the adjustments that are considered will be made later. For this, there is the classic map , the satellite view , relief , political and so on up to nine.

Then, knowing all these characteristics, it is only necessary to start using the tools to write on the map: indicating places to visit, how to get there, where to go previously … Once changes are made they will be saved automatically and always You can access from ‘your sites’ in GoogleMap .

You can also add stops to a trip

Another option widely used by all those who use Google Map as a travel companion is to add stops along the route. It is quite useful if you make trips from a distance, and with more people, to stop all at the same point and thus go all together.

A tool that can also have its relevance when leaving work and indicate a place to stop, and how long it takes to arrive; or if you want to make a route of restaurants or bars , with all the previous places to stop.

Whatever the final purpose of the use, to use it you have to put the final destination to go: How to get there> Menu of the three points> Add stop . You can include as many as you wish by repeating the procedure. Keep in mind that, as stops are included, the times will be adjusted.

Two ways to use Google Maps without spending data

GPS navigators are increasingly sold less because of the blessed competence of mobile phones. Now, to guide us, we all use map applications, which use the GPS locator that all phones already incorporate.

But abroad the thing is complicated because the use of data that feeds the information of those applications is paid separately or the package runs out quickly, because our company is expensive to the agreement with the provider of the other country (or at that they hide).

It is true that now some companies have begun to eliminate roaming charges (the use of data and voice abroad), but not for any country, but only for the European Union. So you have to figure out how to use your phone as a GPS navigator but without spending any data.

There are two ways to do it with GoogleMap, which is one of the easiest and most popular services.

Download the maps previously

The past month of November Google announced that it allowed to download the maps of all the world , by zones (in Android devices). Actually, that function was already available but it was not possible for the saved map and the locator to communicate with each other; so the application was not able to give you directions on the fly.

From that update, the app is already able to detect where on the map the GPS signals were referring, and could already offer you directions on where you are and how to get there.

The drawbacks of this method are two: one, that the maps you download are from specific areas; If you leave that area  because you improvise, you can no longer enjoy these functions. The other downside is that, not being connected to the internet, GoogleMap can not receive updates on traffic conditions  that may arise on the fly.

Another problem that is variable, depending on the ability of the mobile, is that, if you put too many routes, the memory fills up.

The method that few know

We have tried a better method and that eliminates the problem of “getting off the map” (literally). It is about starting the navigation before leaving home or leaving the wifi.


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