Hard Boil An Egg – Perfect Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs.

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Tips for a perfect cooked egg – Hard boil an egg

How to prevent the egg shell from breaking when cooked.

We start by “before cooking the egg” Do you have to prepare beforehand to cook an egg? … Yes, because for example it is convenient that you take them out a little before the refrigerator , otherwise, when submerged in boiling water they can crack easily.

Another tip that you must take into account before starting the process of cooking the egg is to fill the saucepan with enough water to cover them completely, and do not forget to add a little salt to make it easier to peel!

How to get the yolk to be in the center of the egg
Has not it ever happened that you split them in half to make stuffed eggs and the yolk is on the side? … To avoid this it is convenient to introduce them in boiling water instead of cold , since the same boiling water will cause the egg moves by turning.

However it is advisable to turn them carefully and a wooden spatula especially at first until they move alone in the water.

Hard egg cooking time
There are two possibilities, either to introduce the egg when the water is cold or to do it when it is boiling.

In the latter case it is advisable to leave it 1 minute longer than when we introduce it with cold water.

Once the water is boiling we must leave it between 10-12 minutes (lowering the fire a little to maintain the boiling point) depending on the size of the egg or the number of those that we are cooking.

If you leave it longer the yolk will tend to get greenish and we should not consume them like that.

A very important thing is to immerse it in cold water once the recommended time to stop cooking has passed.

A trick to prevent the shell from sticking is to have a bowl of cold water and some ice prepared and let it cool there.

Hard boil an egg

Here’s a video to learn more on how to hard boil an egg.

Well, we’ve already given you those tips that are worth gold to cook eggs. Do you guys know any more?

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