Home Remedies for Chlamydia in Men and Women

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In this article we share the best home remedies for Chlamydia. We also detail the signs that should worry us if we suspect that we may be suffering from this disease.

The main problem when it comes to fighting chlamydia is that this sexually transmitted disease does not cause symptoms .

Therefore, it is difficult to propose to go to the doctor, unless we do perceive some of the characteristics of this disorder, such as discomfort or pain in the genital area.

What is chlamydia?

Home Remedies for Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in industrialized countries .

Its name and origin is determined by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis , which can affect both men and women.

It is essential to fight chlamydia in time, to prevent it from causing other more serious infections or infertility.

With the right treatment we will be able to cure ourselves of this very silent disorder.

However, for this, it is important to know its symptoms :

  • Painful urination or during sexual intercourse.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, in the anus or in the testicles.
  • Changes in the flow vaginal, which can be darker and stronger smell.
  • Secretions of the penis and rectum.
  • Bleeding outside of the menstrual period.
  • Infections in the eyes
  • Sore throat.
  • Fever.

5 Home Remedies for Chlamydia to combat chlamydia

1. Oregano essential oil – Home Remedies for Chlamydia
Oregano essential Home Remedies for Chlamydia

The essential oil of oregano stands out for its antibacterial properties , which can fight chlamydia effectively from the inside.

This oil, which is extracted from the distillation of the leaves of this aromatic plant, is an antibiotic that can be taken in capsules or drops, mixed with honey or olive oil or coconut.

This oil also has antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. In addition, its analgesic virtues will help us to calm the pains .

In this sense, it is a very effective remedy to prevent and treat all types of pathogen infections.

2. Tea tree essential oil – Home Remedies for Chlamydia
Another very potent essential oil that can be of great help is the tea tree . However, this is used by its application on the skin, so it is the ideal complement to oregano .

In this way we can combine topical and oral treatments.

Tea tree essential oil is antibacterial and antifungal. In addition, it has the virtue of absorbing bad odors, reducing inflammation and promoting the regeneration of cells.

In this way, it is a very suitable remedy to combat chlamydia.

3. Propolis- Home Remedies for Chlamydia

Propolis Home Remedies for Chlamydia

One of the best natural antibiotics we can take is propolis , which is used to treat infections caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi .

In addition to fighting them, it can also reduce the inflammation and pain they cause.

We can take 5 drops of propolis, 3 to 5 times a day, until we notice improvement .

However, if we want to enhance the treatment we should also use it directly (but without alcoholic base).

  • It should be diluted a little in water to wash the affected genital area.

4. Echinacea – Home Remedies for Chlamydia

The Echinacea is a plant very powerful to strengthen the immune system against all types of infections . However, we can not take it continuously for too long.

  • It is best to take it for three months, rest 15 days and return to consume it for a month.

The ideal dose is the following:

  • At the beginning or if the infection worsens: 7.5 or 10 g per day.
  • Maintenance: 2.5 or 5 g per day.
  • Avoid taking caffeine during treatment .
  • Interacts with immunosuppressants.

5. Garlic – Home Remedies for Chlamydia
The last of the home remedies for chlamydia we propose is one that we all have at home: garlic .

This powerful natural antibiotic is very effective if we consume it raw every day. If we do not digest it well, we can take it in the form of capsules or oil .

In case of suffering a vaginal infection of chlamydia, we can resort to the insertion of half a clove of garlic that we will wrap in a sterile gauze . We must make a knot, which will be out of the vagina for removal.

We will let you act for a maximum of 4 hours and we will do it once a day. We should not exceed this time, since we could irritate the area more.


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