How to Get Rid of Rats – Tips That Actually Works

Wondering How To Get Rid of Rats? Read This! While there are some home remedies that you can use to keep rats from getting close, they have limited effectiveness and duration, and sometimes you need to resort to commercial products.

Let’s see which are the most common and how they work.

How to get rid of rats with Poisons (rat poison)

There are different types of baits on the market to poison the rats. You can also use antifreeze or a mixture of sugar and baking soda.

While effective, poisons can be very dangerous, because although they kill rats they can also be harmful to the whole family. It is convenient to use them in rat traps and to control that pets do not have access to them either.

how to get rid rats fast

How to get rid of rats with traps

There are different types of traps. Some keep the rats alive, and others, like the classic rat traps, kill them. We already talked about how dangerous dead rats are. At the same time, it is not easy to get rid of a living rat without exposing oneself to danger.

Therefore, evaluate well the advantages and disadvantages of each type of trap before choosing the one that best suits your home.
Here we present the main types of rat traps.

Spring trap

This type of trap consists of a spring and a trigger mechanism where the bait is placed, when accessing the bait the mechanism is triggered causing serious damage to the rat that will normally die quickly.

The trap will have to be larger if you want to catch the rats since the classic mousetraps would not work.

how to get rid rats instantly

Live capture trap

This type of trap has a door that allows entry but not exit. To capture a good number of rats, you will need a few traps located in strategic locations.

Once you capture a living rat with your trap, leave it at least 500 meters from your house so that it does not return, as far as possible in a wooded and uninhabited area, so you do not need to return to the city to get food.

rat trap bait at home

Electric traps

These traps are the ones that provide a faster and painless death to the rats by killing them instantly with an electric shock when they touch a metal part of the trap. There are quite reduced prices and they work with batteries.

They have the disadvantage that they can not be used outdoors and that they are not usually as effective as it is more difficult for a rat to be put inside.

Electric rat trap

Traps with glue

To prepare this type of traps you only need to bait and impregnate the surroundings with special glue to catch rats.

The rats will be trapped in the glue and will die a very slow death if you do not check the trap often. It is a very cruel solution that we do not recommend, besides you will also catch or cause damage to any insect or animal that steps on the glue.

Rat trap glue

Advice on the use of traps
They are not infallible: some rodents are able to recognize and avoid them, especially when there is enough food at their fingertips and they do not need to resort to bait traps.
We should not manipulate the traps with bare hands since the smell of human will scare the rats.

It is convenient to spread flour or talcum powder on the ground, so that the traces of the rodents are marked and we can follow them to their burrows.

How to get rid of rats with ultrasound repeller

In recent years, technology has developed various ultrasonic devices to scare away rats and other pests, without harming or harming the inhabitants of the home. They are the most sophisticated and hygienic system to end the invasion of rats.

These electronic devices emit a sound very annoying for the rats and not audible for humans that makes move to another site, although it is not something immediate and can take weeks until the rats disappear.

To be effective you need to place one on each level of the house (basement, ground floor, first floor, etc.) since ultrasound does not penetrate walls, you also have to try to put them away from absorbent materials such as sofas and curtains as they decrease the effectiveness of ultrasound.

ultrasound rat trap

How to get rid of rats using beverages:

You will be surprised to know that the use of beverages is one of the most effective methods that can be used to eliminate mice. This is because mice are not able to burp. Therefore if you put in a container a little soft drink preferably Coca Cola in strategic places in your house where they frequent mice, the next day or next you will see how the mice appear dead.

How to get rid of rats with plaster of paris:

for them you will have to mix in a disposable plate and in equal parts a little flour, dry plaster and a spoonful of salt. This you have to place it near the entrances of your house or in strategic places in which you think you can enter your house.

To the mouse, eating this mixture will feel an enormous thirst to drink water and that is when this mixture has an effect as it will harden inside the mouse, taking away its life.

How to get rid of rats using chocolate with plaster powder:

mice love sweets but especially the taste of chocolate powder. So this can act as a good bait to eliminate the rats.

To do this we mix a little chocolate powder in equal part with plaster powder and place it outside around the house. And it will happen the same as in method 2, the mouse will feel a great thirst that will make him drink water by expanding the mixture that is inside his body making him die.

How to get rid of rats by Scaring away the rats:

Adopt a cat or dog is always one of the best responses against the plague of rats and mice especially a cat to scare away mice.


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