How to Get a Girl to Like You in 8 Easy Steps

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Are you wondering how to get a girl to like you? Read This! You have weeks, even months, looking at her , you find her interesting, attractive, but you can not find a way to focus her attention on you, or not at least the way you want. While this situation is very familiar during adolescence, the truth is that many experience it in adulthood and is that it is not always easy to make the girl you like to look at you, that’s why on we give you some suggestions to help you and make her notice you

how to get a girl to like you

Key 1: do not pretend to be what you are not
Women have a very sharp sense of smell , a strong sixth sense, and as soon as they perceive that you are not who you say, that what you show does not really reflect your personality, you will never get to pay attention again. The truth is that there is no better advice than to be who you are , with your obvious gifts and your sure defects, finally not only do you want me to notice you, but to love you as you are

Key 2: all women value …
Each girl is different and surely some give more value to certain things than others, but in general there are two characteristics that women can not resist: intelligence and good sense of humor , do not forget and use these tools in your favor while considering how to get a girl to like you.

Key 3: make me notice you
This has a lot to do with the above, if you are a boy who is not afraid to express his opinions with intelligence , if you love to joke every now and then, if you make her laugh frequently, if you are attentive with her, nice, you will surely I noticed you for the right reasons and this is the first step. Putting yourself in focus is essential to be able to conquer it, otherwise how could you look at yourself?

Key 4: the right balance
The women adore that they flatter us, that they listen to us and that a few days later they ask us about what we were worried about, these are the keys to make her notice that you notice her. Peeeero, there is always a but: nothing can be in excess !, if every day you tell her how beautiful she is, if you show constant attention, permanent availability for her, dear friend, she will get used to it and stop being interested , no longer It will look special, so do everything with balance, give and take wisely.

Key 5: detonate what makes you unique
We all have something that makes us special, a hobby, a way of thinking, musical tastes, an attitude towards life, some detail of your personality that you know has not been reproduced in series, because it is time to use it to your advantage . The human being loves to have something unique, and especially women value a different person, let him know that you are.

Key 6: common points
What is it that can make you spend hours talking to a perfect stranger ?, Obvious, something in common . We always have things in common with our environment, even if it is a minimum element, that is why it is important to get something that both appreciate, a type of music, an author, the cinema, a sport … something that allows you to talk with her about nice way and create empathy between them, what do you expect to find it? Vital point on how to get a girl to like you.

Key 7: the place you occupy in your life
If you have known each other for a relatively short time, it will be easy to use these strategies, but what happens when she is your friend for years, when you already know each other well, when there is nothing new you can show her ….

Key 8: from friendship to love
… Well, this case is a little more complex. In the first place there will always be something new to show because she knows you as a friend and not as a lover , but in these cases the word is better than the strategy, if you really feel something for her and you want her to notice you, try to seduce her without confusing her or simply Choose to tell him face to face that you feel attracted to her. There are times when it is necessary to take the risk

Good luck!
These are simple tips to take into account on how to get a girl to like you, but it is clear that the attraction operates in complex ways, we just hope that with these keys you get to notice and notice you, good luck!


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