How To Give A Hickey To Someone

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Give me a moment and I’ll give you the truth about how to give a hickey. But what exactly is a hickey? A hickey or a love bite, or a kiss sign, it’s essentially a bruise that is red. Aggressively sucking the flesh of another person usually creates a Hickey.

Why Give A Hickey?

Hickies are usually a sign of passion and also a way to mark your territory or a loved one. It could simply be a memory of passionate love for the other. Remember a Hickey is a sexual trademark and many times people assume that you had a passionate time at most last night.

It is always a good idea to learn how to give a hickey to your loved one in parts that are not very visible. This will help avoid unwanted controls in your love life.

Where are the hickeys made?

They are usually done on the neck, although it can be done on any part of the body and according to the vigor and the impetus with which the hickey has been made, the purple can take up to several days to disappear.

 how to give a hickey to someone

At the beginning, it is red, due to the rupture of the blood vessels under the skin, and then the whole rainbow comes into action. As technical data, the chromatic evolution is the following: black, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow. It lasts approximately 15 days. Now let’s discover facts everyone should know about how to give a Hickey:

Steps to make a good hickey

First of all, ask for permission. I am of the opinion that in this life it is infinitely better to ask for forgiveness than permission bearing in mind that a hickey is a sexual mark. It may not be a discreet brand to come to work the next day, so you should not mark yourself a hickey without consulting it. Can you make yourself a hickey or learn how to give a hickey to yourself? It does not sound exactly appetizing, try better by whispering sexier formulas in your ear.

2. Reflect, without going over, about the reasons why you want to make a hickey to the other person. In addition to a matter of pure appetite, the hickeys are an uncontrolled trace of passion, of wanting to drink the skin of the other and eat it whole.

In general, they are made in delicious outbursts and by the unstoppable desire to possess the other person. Making a hickey to someone is like marking that skin is your territory, it is to sing to the world that that person is yours, only yours, very supreme. Like Risto Mejide to his beloved girlfriend.

3. Go little by little. This is like everything, do not go directly to the jugular and blow the hickey. First, entertain yourself for a while by kissing. When the time comes, bring your lips to the neck.

4. Choose your location. The hickeys are more effective on thin and delicate skin, which is why they are usually done on the neck. The skin of the lower part of the elbow and arms or the inner part of the thigh is also optimal places.

If your partner is shy and reluctant to walk through life with a hickey that jumps at sight, discover a good site that goes unnoticed. The back of the neck is a good option if your partner has long hair. Other curious options are the wrists, the chest, the abdomen, the clavicle or near the shoulder so that when it is given it can not be seen.

5. Separate the lips slightly and place them on your skin. Imagine that you intend to draw with your lips an O or a zero, depending on letters or science. Once you define the shape, press them firmly on your skin and seal firmly, a good dose of treachery. Check that no gap is left through which the air can escape.

6. Suck the skin. The moment of truth has arrived, that of suction. Remember that as with the noble art of suckling, when you surrender to the hickeys you must always keep your teeth out of the way. The suction should last about 20 or 30 seconds to make a mark.

If you consider that 30 seconds is too much for the body, practice it in several series. Try sucking for 10 seconds, kiss him, and suck another 10 seconds in the same place. And so on until you get tired, or until the bruise appears.

Control the amount of saliva in the mouth. Put yourself in the skin of the other and think that it is not pleasant to leave one’s neck full of drool. Suction, swallow, suck, swallow. The key of the matter is to suck strong enough to break the capillaries that are under the skin, but not so strong as to finish off or make it the next day’s talk. That’s how to give a hickey.

7. Finiquite the hickey with tenderness. When you finish your work, kiss him again. Gently better. Kiss him back to normal, whatever normality may be for you.

To cure a hickey more quickly, place a wet spoon in the freezer. When it has frozen, recover it and allow it to thaw little by little until it is cool. Press the spoon against the hickey to lower the swelling.

Then, use a soft-bristle toothbrush and brush the area of the hickey from the outside inwards so that the blood flows and heals the capillaries. Now you know how to give a hickey.


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