How To Tell If Your Mole is Cancerous? Use This Simple ABCD Test!

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The appearance of a new mole if one of the most well-known signs, and this simple “ABCD” test can help identify if the mole is cancerous.

Cancer is a disease that affects many people each passing year, and one of its most silent forms is skin cancer.

Skin cancer occurs due to an abnormal growth of the skin cells, causing several types of cancer.

It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t have any marks on their skin.

Most people have many birthmarks since they are a genetic factor, but these marks can also appear due to sun exposure.

Sometimes, these spots can get darker and even increase in size during the years.

When should we worry about them?

Certainly, at some point of your life you must have noticed a new spot in your skin, or maybe an old one whose shape changed along the years.

Is there a risk of it being a signal of cancer? We will talk about this in today’s video.

To identify marks that may indicate the development of skin cancer, there is an exam called ABCD.

Another option is to ask someone to observe your body and to monitor the evolution as the years go by.

You must pay attention to the characteristic shown in the ABCD test, as well as wounds that don’t heal after 1 month.


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