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Helping Others Is Simple

We know that you love compilations that are dedicated to situations everyone faced at least once. In this video, we show the power of kindness. Kindness is a very important part of our life as it can save the world. Besides, kindness has a lot of benefits to your physical and mental health. Being kind to people helps to develop a social connection and even could be the start of a new friendship.
The next compilation will show you some etiquette mistakes you should avoid. You will learn how to behave in public, how to get out of a car, how to behave in the restaurant. Certainly, everybody should learn these rules to avoid mistakes in social and professional situations. One of the most important moments is how to behave with your boyfriend in public. If you are a girl, you should always carry your own bag and you should keep your romantic feelings as private as possible. Romantic evenings are the best time to display your affection, not in public.
We share a list of important table manners you should know by heart:
-Always eat spaghetti using both a fork and a spoon
-Don’t forget to remove a tea bag from a cup and place it on the side of your plate
-Always fill the glass of wine below the middle to allow the wine to breathe inside the glass
-When you are having lunch with your friend always leave your phone in the bag, as it is considered rude if the phone is on, the table. You should always give the person you are having a meeting with your attention
-Always remember that you shouldn’t put your elbows on the table

00:09 Why kindness is so important
03:43 Etiquette mistakes
06:31 Do not speak loud in public
08:23 Table manners you should know

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