Neuschwanstein Castle Tour

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The most beautiful castle in Germany is located in the German state of Bavaria; the neuschwanstein castle tour should be part of the long list of monuments tour you must take at least once in your life.

A magical and unforgettable corner that will delight lovers of architecture and history, so take good note of its name to visit it, because it is one of the most photographed buildings in Germany, as well as one of the most the most important tourist destinations.

Keep reading this article in which we reveal the most beautiful castle in Germany .

The neuschwanstein castle tour

The Neuschwanstein Castle , located in the German state of Bavaria, is undoubtedly the most beautiful castle in this country.

It is not necessary to be an expert in architecture to appreciate the incredible beauty of this neo-Gothic castle , which began to be built in 1866 .

A time when strengths were not necessary and which was born simply as a whim of King Ludwig II von Bayern or Ludwig II of Bavaria .

Nevertheless, at present it is one of the most symbolic and representative monuments of Germany, that is associated to legends and medieval people like Tristán and Isolda or Fernando el Católico. The neuschwanstein castle tour is one worthy of taking.

neuschwanstein castle tour

 The Neuschwanstein Castle, inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Its architectural beauty is such that the Neuschwanstein Castle has also served as inspiration for the Walt Disney film, Sleeping Beauty .

Its natural enclave, surrounded by exuberant vegetation, gives the visitor spectacular spectacular views, as well as an ostentatious decoration in the purest medieval style with tapestries inspired by Wagner’s operas, majestic glass lamps and paintings of great artistic value .

And, if all this were not enough, the medieval fortress can boast of having an electrical installation, housing the first mobile phone in history, covering only 6 meters, and best of all, spectacular views of the Bavarian Alps .

So do not wait any longer to take a neuschwanstein castle tour and discover everything that this unforgettable castle can offer to the most curious tourists.

A must visit that will allow you to travel to distant eras, the ideal place to feel like a member of royalty and live your own fairy tale.

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neuschwanstein castle tour

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