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Here’s my uncensored review of what I really thought about the strongest most effective  otc appetite suppressant, PhenQ diet pills.

A look at what research has uncovered about the supposedly ‘best’,

If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

This weight loss pill is the most popular with our readers


Keep in mind that this is a review, however, if you are looking for PhenQ official website, click here to visit the official PhenQ site.

Why am I writing this?

Well, when I was thinking about buying PhenQ, there were not many real reviews, so I thought I would write a quick one to help any of you who are in the same position as me.

But be careful, I’m going to get into the good points and the bad points , so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you can leave now.

So, let’s start this review …

Slimming Pill: Phen Q

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4.9 out of 5   Based on 87  opinions

Prescription-free otc appetite suppressant

PhenQ is a weight loss administration pill that is approved by GMP & FDA Laboratories, making its quality undeniable, and worthy of being in your medicine cabinet.


The PhenQ diet pills have been the best-selling weight loss option since mid-2016.


Before you decide to get them, let me tell you exactly

1. How PhenQ works and how it can help you.
2. Ingredients used in PhenQ.
3. Side effects.

So you avoid the uncertainty and know that PhenQ is right for you.

By the way, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman. PhenQ works great for both sexes.

How does PhenQ otc appetite suppressant work?

over the counter appetite control - otc appetite suppressant

PhenQ basically is a 3 in 1 weight loss solution. It attacks the excess fat in your body in 3 ways: –

  1. Reduce appetite PhenQ is a great appetite suppressant so it makes you feel fuller so that you eat less calories.
  2. Fat Burner. Increase your metabolism and burn more calories than normal to burn more fat and feel more energetic.
  3. It reduces the storage of fat in your body, but this effect is very small.

phenq otc appetitie suppressant

Active ingredients in PhenQ and how they work

 The good thing about PhenQ is that it contains natural ingredients . And the mixture of these ingredients creates a synergistic effect that helps your body burn more fat and calories.

So, what is inside this weight loss pill ?

coffee beans to lose effective weight

  • Caffeine (142.5mg) (improves thermogenesis)
  • Capsimax powder (15.5mg) (fat burning)
  • Nopal (20mg) (appetite suppressant)
  • Chromium picolinate (10mcg) (controls sugar and carbohydrate cravings)
  • Calcium carbonate (625mg) (Helps maintain optimal weight)
  • L-Carnatine Furmarate (150mg) (Changes fats in energy)
  • α-Lacys Reset ® (Reduction and oxidation of cells)

Each ingredient has been certified as completely safe for human consumption.

Scientists have used these ingredients to create an incredible fat burner (PhenQ) that will help you move excessive body fat that accumulates in the most annoying places, such as the abdomen, thighs and hips.


So together the ingredients in PhenQ help:

    • Prevent you from feeling hungry, suppressing your appetite so that you eat fewer snacks and eat less.
    • Unlock your stored body fat to start burning it for energy.
    • Through the thermogenic burn helps burn calories 20% faster than normal.
    • Increase energy

PhenQ otc

My results after using PhenQ – otc appetite suppressant

So I actually lost 69.5 pounds (31 kilos) during the 7 months that I took it. Here are my results PhenQ.

My results after using PhenQ otc appetite suppressant

That reduces a total of 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) per month and I do not feel like it was that hard.

All I did was exercise for 20-30 minutes per day and I took PhenQ that helped me cut out the snacks.

I feel that I could have definitely lost more if I had exercised for longer and reduced my calories a little more.

In fact, I probably have some weight left to lose, but I’m happy I’m not so overweight.

The benefits of weight loss are numerous. These are some of the things that I have noticed since I lost weight.

  • I feel and I look younger.
  • I am happier and I am more relaxed.
  • I have more energy.
  • I have more confidence.
  • People treat me better.
  • My skin and my hair are healthier.
  • I am more respected at work.
  • I am no longer so aware of myself.
  • I’m more social
  • I wear nice clothes because I feel better about myself.

And I think life is much better after losing weight thanks to PhenQ.

I think if you take it and do some regular exercise and control your calorie intake, then you will lose weight fast too.

It’s the only thing I’ve found that has really helped me lose weight.


One bottle of PhenQ contains 60 pills. Therefore, you have to take 2 pills per day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon with lunch.

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I feel that:

The effects of weight loss provided by any supplement are strictly complementary.

The pills to lose weight should never act as substitutes for basic things like nutrition and managing calorie intake, work and other forms of physical activity, motivation and dedication to the process of weight loss.

However, if you add PhenQ to your weight loss program, you can expect to lose an additional 8-12 pounds of body fat over the next 2 months.

The Pros and Cons of PhenQ – otc appetite suppressant

So I’ll start with the CONS ..

Do not take it at night  – One day I decided to take PhenQ at 10pm because I forgot to take it at lunch.

Well, that night I was awake until 3 in the morning because it is an energy booster and a stimulant. Silly mistake of mine.

So if you were planning to take PhenQ before your evening workout, then it’s probably not a good idea, since you’ll be up all night.

I do not recommend taking it after 6 pm if you want to go to sleep!

Headaches  – Occasionally I got headaches after taking PhenQ. This could be from eating less, which lowered my blood sugar levels.

After taking a couple of paracetamol I felt fine. To be honest, I’ve always been prone to headaches, so I do not know if it really had anything to do with PhenQ.

Now let’s talk about the PROS.

phennq pros

It is a powerful appetite suppressant  – The main reason why I had gotten so overweight is because I sat at my desk all day eating.

After I started taking PhenQ I was quite surprised to find that I almost completely stopped eating because I simply was not hungry.

This also helped me reduce my calories by a huge amount which is probably a big reason why I lost weight.

More Energy  – Within 10-15 minutes of taking it I think it really encourages and makes you feel more alert and energetic. Being energetic is not really how most people would describe me, but after taking this I notice a real change in my energy levels for a couple of hours.

Now that I have stopped eating and I have more energy, I have been working more.

And with all the energy it gives me, I’ve been exercising regularly, which I’m sure has helped with weight loss.

Change from not exercising to doing around 25 minutes per day. I never had the energy before to do anything, so this only shows how powerful PQ is.

You would think that you would have low energy levels by reducing the calories you took but the opposite actually happened.

Burning fat  – So the most important advantage is that it really does what it says it is going to do and that is to burn fat. You can really feel the effects after taking it and I just lost so much weight with it I honestly believe that it is a potent fat burner.

Anyone can use it  – I have tried these training programs in the past that were just way difficult for a normal person to do. I do not have time to spend hours every day exercising or cooking special meals.

I like that everything that needs to be done with PhenQ is to take it in the morning and at lunch and it will suppress your appetite and give you energy. With this energy then you can do a little exercise.

To be honest, I think I would lose weight even if I did not exercise just because you eat less and help burn fat.

It really works  – But overall I think the main reason I like it is because it works. I have tried all kinds of ways to lose weight before, without real success, but I started losing weight very fast after taking PhenQ otc appetite suppressant.

Money back guarantee – To be honest, I do not know much about this, since I did not even think about asking for my money back according to the website that have a 67 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so which is pretty good

Some testimonies from real users of PhenQ

best prescription weight loss medication

Testimony of Phenq

strongest appetite suppressant available

best weight loss pill

the best appetite suppressant

Get your PhenQ here  at phenq.com

Should you buy PhenQ or not?

Only if you seriously think about losing weight.

So many of us buy pills and training plans and then never use them or when it really comes down to that we would rather eat some cake than lose weight.

It is not a miracle pill and I did not lose 36 pounds overnight. On average, I lost a few pounds per week.

So it takes time.

But if you seriously think about losing weight, then I would definitely recommend buying PhenQ.

phenq deal

You will have more energy and reduce your appetite to help you stop eating and eating.

And it really works if you stay with her!

So if you are finally ready to lose weight then get some PhenQ I have no doubt that you will lose weight as well.

phenq weight loss

Frequently asked questions about PhenQ

Does it work for men and women? I would say yes. I have seen testimonies of men and women and I myself as a woman have lost weight with her. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman who can lose weight with it.

How much weight can I lose with him? Well, I personally lost around 13 pounds per month on average and I think I could have lost more if I had exercised for more than 25 minutes per day and if I had reduced my calories even more. So I would say that between 10-20 pounds per month is possible.

Will it work for me? Everyone that I have given PhenQ, otc appetite suppressant to has reported the same impulse energy and appetite suppression effects. I’m such a fan and a believer now that I know it works. I think it will work for anyone. So yes, it will work for you too.

What should I eat? Personally I do not adhere to any particular diet. Since I have been taking PhenQ I rarely take snacks and just do not eat as much. When I eat, I try to eat as healthy as possible, you know, fruits and vegetables and fish, but also like the foods that I like, like pizza and things from time to time, because it’s not a big thing to have a Nice food once in a while if you eat healthy 90% of the time.

That’s all I have to say about PhenQ.

And do not forget to come back and let us know how much weight you have lost! I love listening to success stories. 🙂

 strongest appetite suppressants that work

Just stay engaged and if you need help, leave a comment here and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

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