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Plants we eat word search
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A large part of plants we eat is made up of plants or parts of a plant. In fact, plants contain many foods that help us live healthily.

The leaves of edible plants provide our body with vitamins and minerals.

There are roots that provide important nutrients to those who consume them, such as carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The stems edible provide nutrients to consume, such as vitamins, water and minerals.

There are flowers that should not be eaten because they are poisonous. However, in other countries they eat the petals of roses and drink tea from flowers.

Plants with flowers, although they are not vegetables that are grown for consumption, can be very good companions in your garden.

To begin with, all  flowers add aesthetic value as their shapes and colors will give this space a more cheerful and more beautiful appearance.

They will also aromatize the garden or the garden with a mixture of very pleasant smells. On the other hand, associating them with some edible plants helps us with the care of the garden: it limits the weeds, it moves away the insects that can become pests for our plants and attracts insects that are beneficial for them.

Flowering plants produce fruits within which their seeds are. These will give rise to a new plant

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