Play Pokemon go pc Safely From Home With Bluestacks

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Do you know that you can download and play Pokemon Go Pc ? Yes, yes: you heard correctly!

Although officially there is no application designed for this purpose, the truth is that there are some tricks that can help you download the game and, thus, control your Pokemon while you are at home, at work or watching television.

Although you should know that, not having a motion sensor (the computer does not move with us, as the mobile does) the game’s features are a bit limited and you can not play in the same way as when you do with your smartphone.

In this article we are going to tell you how to play Pokemon Go PC so you can download this game and get the most out of your Pokemon world.

Steps to follow:
1. Until now, Nintendo has not released any version of Pokemon Go PC and, therefore, the alternative that we will give you so you can download the game is based on a specific trick that will allow us to install and run the application on the computer.
But we note that it is NOT the official version so it will be important that, when you go to install the game, you ensure that it is authentic, that is, it does not contain any malware that may affect your PC.

Be very careful when doing tricks or carry out some “traps” because it is possible that Nintento will bane your account and, therefore, that you can not play more.

pokemon go pc play

In order to play Pokemon Go PC, what we will do is use an Android emulator for the computer that will allow us to download the game on the PC in the same way that you can download the app to your mobile device.

But, first of all, we have to know that in order to carry out this trick we must have installed a Windows operating system that has version 7 or higher; therefore, it is NOT valid for Windows XP, Vista or any previous model.

It is also recommended that, before installing the game, we open our Gmail or Google account so that, when we download it, we run the same game that we are logged into our mobile. Only then will the data be synchronized.

3. That said, we started with the process of downloading Pokemon Go PC and, for this, we must download the Android emulator that is known as “Bluestacks”.
It is one of the oldest and most complete app that allows you to imitate the Android system on your computer, it allows you to download applications from Play Store, but also install the APK files that you download.

As soon as you have installed Bluestacks on your PC you will have to look at the tabs that appear at the top of the screen and click on the one that says “Android”, here we will look for the option “Settings” and click on “Add account”.


In the bar on the right you will see that “APK” appears, we will have to click here because it will allow us to choose where we want to download this file.

It is important to do this process as it is vital to be able to download and play Pokemon Go Pc from the computer .

When you have finished the download process, you will only have to execute it as if you were accessing from your mobile phone;

You will see that at the beginning it asks for the date of birth but as soon as it detects that you have your Gmail open, it will be synchronized with your game already started and you will be able to see your game from the PC.

5. It is important to know that from the computer there are some features that you can NOT perform and the most important of them is that in this game downloaded to PC you can not hunt Pokemon .
The reason is simple: the Bluestacks app has problems with the location of the device and, therefore, is not able to detect our position in the GPS; also do not forget that to be able to hunt it is important to move and sit on a computer, as is logical, we are static.

But what we CAN do from the computer is to manage the Pokemon we have, feed them and make them evolve, access the store, interact with the objects, navigate the Pokédex, and so on.

So, if you want to play Pokemon Go PC it is important that you keep in mind these limitations because, honestly, the main fun of the game is to hunt Pokemon and this, unfortunately, can not be carried out until now.

Download pokemon go for pc from bluestacks. Watch how to download and install bluestacks 3 on windows here.

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