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Surely more than once you desired to recover deleted photo when you have accidentally deleted photos from your mobile phone and when you search for them you can not find them.

It has happened to all of us and we have taken a great dislike, especially if we had not yet passed them to the computer or an external hard drive.

But do not worry about the photos that you could have deleted without wanting to or because of forgetfulness, because here we explain how to recover deleted photo, whether your phone uses the Android system or if you use the iPhone.

Steps to follow:
1. Actually, if you have an iPhone you do not have to worry much because it stores everything you’ve deleted in the last 30 days.

Go to the photo gallery albums and, in the button in the lower right corner, change the view to albums in general.

Among all the folders that appear you will have one that will be called “Recently deleted”, in which you must enter.

When you have located the item, to recover deleted photo, press the button in the lower right corner and you can restore it.

The warning sign that appears in some photos means that it will be erased in less than 72 hours , so recover them if you are interested.

Recover deleted pgoto

2. One of the most useful apps that you can install on your smartphone is Dumpster.
It does not hide big secrets, since its use is identical to that of the recycle bin of computers: everything you delete from your mobile will go to the wastebasket and you can recover deleted photos, videos, songs, etc. anytime.
3. Dumpster is a prevention tool but if you have already deleted the photos before installing it, we have DiskDigger, an app that can be used in both Andoid and iOS .
It is an application with which we can recover files from the storage units, either the phone memory or a microSD memory card.

It has free and premium version, but in both cases it is necessary to have rooted the terminal.

Hexacomb Recovery is very similar, with the difference that it allows photo restoration even after formatting the device.

4. If that photo that you accidentally deleted has been shared by WhatsApp or Telegram , it will not cost you much to recover it.
If you shared it on WhatsApp, just open the phone / WhatsApp / Media on the phone to see all the images you’ve shared, even if you deleted them later.
On the other hand, if you use Telegram, you must go to the settings of the application and activate the option to save the images that are downloaded in the Gallery.
5. Finally, we have the Dr Fone for Android or Dr Fone for iOS program that you can download on your PC.
It is very intuitive, you just have to connect your mobile device to the computer through the USB cable, follow the instructions … and arm yourself with patience, because it can take up to 2 hours for all the photos to appear.

The wait will be worth it because you will only have to select the ones you want for photo recovery and they will be saved directly on the computer.

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