Sensa – The Flavor Sensation Technology to Lose Weight?

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Recently a new product, Sensa Clinical, has been launched to lose weight that has been having a very good response from both critics and the general public.

Sensa Clinical is a very simple and efficient diet that allows you to eat what you normally eat and that tricks the brain into believing that it is already satiated, so simple and effective.

Sensa Clinical

A look at what research has uncovered about the supposedly ‘best’,

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This weight loss sprinkle on food is the most popular with our readers

Sensa represents, apparently, a breakthrough in weight loss products, even rumors have spread all over the internet that the stars of the show are using sensa to stay thin, so before the brain starts to tell you, Oh no, is just another fashion product, it is not worth reading this, give yourself a minute to analyze and realize that it is worth reading about Sensa Clinical.

Something that gives more credibility to the product is that it was not proposed by medical nutritionists or dieticians. It was accidentally discovered, like penicillin, by a neurologist who had been researching odors and taste disorders for many years.

We all know that it is the brain that controls our appetite, what we do not all know is that the information regarding satiety is transmitted largely by smell and based on this information the brain tells us if we should continue eating or if it is time to finish .

So with Sensa , a product practically odorless and insipid, we spray food and deceive the sense of smell, it cheats the brain and we control the appetite and significantly reduce the desire to eat more.

Some studies show that, when taking Sensa Clinical for a period of 6 months, people on average lose 14 kilos !!!, in some cases this came to represent up to 15% of their body weight and, better yet, they do not have to change their dietary habits and increase their physical activity, Sensa only helps you to tell your brain to reduce the amounts of food you should eat.

The use of Sensa Clinical represents another advantage, one of the main problems of weight loss products is that by leaving them people gain weight again almost immediately, this happens because they return to their old eating habits with Sensa this does not happen, since you! I NEVER CHANGE ITS HABITS !!! I do not stop going to his favorite restaurants, so he does not miss anything, because he never stopped giving his tastes.

Simply eat less of the foods that we already like, Voila, and we lose weight easily.

People who have used Sensa claim that there is no feeling of nervousness or anxiety with this diet. The subjects who were in the initial studies did not present digestive problems or of any type.

Sensa Clinical has positioned itself as an alternative that is worth exploring in our difficult path to the ideal weight.

It seems that using Sensa To Lose Weight is like being dreaming. Will be real? Maybe someone says it’s a scam, it sounds like a tease. You tell me I can eat what I want, and lose weight, even without exercising? Do me the favor!

Does Sensa really work? you can bet yes! This is because this weight loss product is based on scientific knowledge. Of course I am not a scientific genius, but those who have developed this product if they are and have developed it based entirely on the biology of the human body.

By understanding the basic aspects on which weight loss is based one immediately realizes that the amount of food that is ingested and its control, are fundamental in the process of weight loss. You will agree with me that most people, not all of them, are overweight because they eat too much.

I think most people, if common sense does not fail, by reducing the amount of food they eat would weigh less than they weigh now.

Well, apparently the control of the body, in regard to the size of the portions that one eats, is in the nose. A relationship has been found between the lower olfactory capacity and the increase in weight in people. For years scientists had asked if the opposite could also be true.

And that was corroborated by Dr. Alan Hirsch and his team, Dr. Hirsch is a promising researcher worldwide in the medical field, the discovery made is that people who have a better sense of smell are also satiated faster when eating , that is something simply surprising, that translates into a lower food ignesta and, of course, in a smaller quantity of calories that are lodged in our body. Following this logic this will manifest in a loss of weight.

That’s why the Sensa Descender product can be the most effective and easiest way to lose that unwanted weight .

It has sometimes been called the ” Sprinkle Diet ” because when you spread Sensaover food, it activates your nasal receptors in a way that affects your appetite. It is as simple as sprinkling salt or pepper. What happens is that that sprinkling tells the brain that you are full when you are actually eating a much smaller amount than normal. This becomes a really simple strategy to lose weight .

It is obvious to say that if you start eating less than you normally eat and keep your daily activity for a minimum, then the use of Sensa Clinical will really help you in your program to lose weight

Dr. Alan Hirsch conducted a study with 1,500 patients who took Sensa to lose weight , what people lost was an average of 16 kilos in a period of 6 months. These lucky people behaved in the same way that they always did, the only thing that changed was that they spread Sensa in all their meals and snacks, without making any change in their eating habits, they averaged a period of more than 600 grams per week. Many of us, myself included, would be very happy to lose that amount of weight a week.

The best thing about the Sensa product is that it does not generate any modification in the taste of the food and the feeling of satiety obtained allows you to arrive without any problem until the next meal you have scheduled, so you will not be trying to eat junk food a couple of hours after eating.

However, Senza is recommended to achieve defined goals of weight loss, but it should not be used for very long periods of time. Its components are on the GRAS (Generaly Recognized as Safe) list, however, doctors always recommend using natural methods, and it is also known that the components of Sensa can cause health problems if they are used for a long time.

Which problems? Intestinal obstruction, rectal bleeding, gastritis, respiratory and stomach problems.

For all these reasons Recipes to lose weight recommends you not to use the product for more than six months.

Components of Sensa Clinical :

  • Maltodextrin
  • Tricalcium Phosphate
  • Silica
  • Artificial and Natural Flavoring
  • Carmine
  • Soy and Milk Ingredients

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