Stretch Mark Removal – An Ultimate Guide

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Want An Easy Fix For Your Stretch Mark Removal? Read This! Stretch marks are a very common disorder of the skin and while medically they do not not cause any problems, they bother people from the aesthetic point of view.

They appear as a result of the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis. Due to the stretching of the skin as a result of sudden changes in body mass, in pregnancy.

Also occasionally due to hormonal changes in adolescence and that is why more than 10% of cases start at puberty.

stretch mark removal

In all cases they can be treated, getting a good improvement in their appearance. It is important to perform the treatment as soon as possible, when they still have red-violet coloration to achieve better results.

Newly appearing striae have raised edges, are deeper, red-violaceous in color. A sign of its imminent appearance is that often the skin of the area itches and is somewhat dry and tight … put on moisturizer or rosehip oil daily to prevent and / or attenuate them.

Over time they flatten out and acquire a bright white color. In some cases they have a light brown tone.

Although, they are a predominantly female consultation (they appear in hips, breasts, inner side of thighs, buttocks and abdomen), men also suffer from them, especially in the lower back area, inner side of arms and shoulders when they do weights.

Such areas have reduced  resistance being sensitive to the breakage of the collagen fibers during the stretching of the skin. According to the type of stretch that the skin undergoes the stretch marks will have horizontal or vertical direction.

Causes and circumstances that predispose to the appearance of stretch marks:

  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Adolescence
  • Weight gain or muscle mass
  • Medication with corticoids

stretch mark removal

There have been numerous studies on the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. They can occur in approximately 90% of pregnant women and generally appear after the sixth or seventh month.

To avoid them, avoid increasing your body weight too much … it is advisable not to climb more than 12 kilos during pregnancy. Hydrate and nourish your skin daily with specific creams or oils throughout pregnancy.

There are certain factors that determine the appearance of stretch marks in the pregnant woman:

  • Family background
  • Pregnant young people especially teenagers
  • High-weight babies
  • Important weight gain during pregnancy

The best way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy is to maintain an appropriate weight.

stretch marks removal tips and treatment

The treatments aim to improve the aesthetic aspect, based on regenerating the skin and stimulating the formation of new collagen fibers .

The time of evolution of the stretch marks is a key factor in the choice of the type of treatment and in the results obtained. Recent striae, less than 18 months of evolution, respond more favorably.

A study published by the American Academy of Dermatology showed that using tretinoin creams in high concentration for a few months, stretch marks improved their appearance and stopped their evolution.

These creams can irritate, should not be placed during pregnancy or in the months of sun exposure. They are not over-the-counter.

To improve the appearance of stretch marks, biweekly sessions of certain peeling and dermabrasion with a diamond tip are made by the dermatologist taking into account the type of skin.

Another effective procedure for stretch mark removal  is a safe, non-invasive and painless treatment that consists of the combination of laser sessions with microdermabrasion by natural diamonds.

The laser works in cold: it does not burn or redden the skin. the laser light energizes the lower layers of the skin stimulating the synthesis and increasing the quality, quantity and neo formation of collagen and elastin of the dermis, managing to attenuate and repair the skin with stretch marks.

The laser sessions are combined with microdermabrasion sessions for natural diamond tips that stimulate cell renewal and activate microcirculation in the dermis (deep layer of the skin).

It is a painless and natural procedure whereby the surface skin layer of the stria is removed to stimulate the production of cells that repair the area, and with the application of anti stria products that contain structuring agents, such as essential fatty acids, and extracts. biological

The results of the stretch mark removal

At 15 to 20 days of stretch mark removal, a better appearance of the skin is observed. You will notice a progressive increase in the thickness of the skin. The process of reorganization in the depressed area of the stria reduces the preexisting depression. The use of products complements the treatment.

In summary, there is no stretch mark removal method or treatment that can eliminate stretch marks completely. They are indicated to reduce the depth and reduce the appearance of the same.

The professional must define the type of treatment to be followed based on the type of skin and the quality of the stretch marks.

Stretch marks occur at specific moments in women’s lives, such as puberty, pregnancy, or sudden changes in weight, among others. There are women, times and stages in which they tend to appear more and their cause is due to the lack of elasticity, hydration and nutrition of the skin, which means that it does not meet the minimum requirements to adapt to these changes.

The breaking and retraction of the elastic fibers in the skin layer called dermis causes the skin to lose its elasticity at these points, acquiring that characteristic aspect of the stria.

How can stretch marks be avoided?

Stretch marks can be avoided by hydrating the skin well, drinking a lot of water, having the weight controlled and performing massages with specific creams, in areas where circulation accumulates and with the skin in tension. But keep in mind that sometimes it will not be possible to avoid or soften them.

On what occasions should we be more alert?

In situations in which it is usual to accentuate stretch marks, such as pregnancy, rapid weight loss, or dry skin, among others.

What types of stretch marks are there?

Stretch marks are breaks in the elastin and reticulin collagen fibers and, depending on the causes, we could classify them as follows:

puberty, due to hormonal changes in puberty linked to bodily changes or “spurts” that the body suffers from; cause this type of stretch marks; of distension, which are associated with the abrupt change of weight, either of increase or loss thereof; Atrophic, which are characterized because they are caused by the stretching and breaking of the fibers, through the increase of muscle mass and forced movements of athletes and, finally, those of pregnancy, which generally originate during pregnancy, although they also appear in some cases because of diabetes.

Are there more not so common cases where stretch marks occur?

Yes, they can also be seen due to Cushing’s disease and the continued application of corticosteroid creams.

What are the areas where more stretch marks tend to appear?

They usually appear in the belly, hips, buttocks, breasts and thighs, since all these areas are subject to greater pressure.

From what age should be monitored …

The most significant age or stage in the first physical changes -both physical and at the level of texture and skin care- is adolescence. Because of growth, poor diet, lack of hydration – in many cases – is when we have to pay more attention to changes in our skin.

And, from there, whenever there is a rapid change in body volume is important to take the precaution of applying special nutritional creams to minimize the risk of appearance.

Is it possible to eliminate them?

Once these small tears and breaks in the fibers appear on the skin, it is very difficult to get rid of them. While it is true that stria has two phases: the reddish, which is the most recent, and the pearly (or scarred) that would be the final stage of the reddish.

In the latter case it is more complicated, since it lacks blood circulation and, therefore, there is complete absence of fibroblasts. It is an internal breakage of the skin and the only thing we can do is disguise them and make them look less.

Effective stretch mark removal or treatments to blur them …

Carboxitherapy, which is the use of CO2 for therapeutic purposes. It is a non-invasive method that consists in the subcutaneous administration of Carbon Dioxide through small infiltrations in the tissues, in order to stimulate blood flow.

It provides an improvement in the microcirculation and perfusion of the tissues, improving the tone and elasticity of the skin. In cases of postpartum stretch marks, which are the most pronounced, can be combined with vitamins, to increase the regenerative effect of the treatment.

What effects does Carboxytherapy have?

Improves collagen production, skin elasticity, provides better oxygenation of skin layers, reduces cellulite and localized fat and weakens fat tissue cells.

What’s new in terms of stretch mark removal treatments?

Chemical Resurfacing combined with bio stimulation without needles with PRX-T33. The Chemical Resurfacing is based on a medical therapeutic procedure in order to exfoliate and level the skin depressions.

It is possible to improve the elasticity of the area, mimicking the typical white or pearly color of the lesions. The stretch mark removal or treatment protocol is half an hour, between five and eight sessions, at intervals of one week.

For its part, the PRX-T33 is a medical device that starts with the well-known peeling based on trichloroacetic acid that, combined with hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, penetrates very quickly in the dermis and activates a real regenerative process, without harming the epidermis. The results are observed quickly.

How to choose a good anti stretch mark removal cream?

The ingredients must be taken into account; the most important are retinoids, coconut butter, olive oil, almond oil, silicone, vitamin C, glycolic acid, etc. Tretinoin 0.1% acts by stimulating the fibroblasts to the synthesis of collagen and the extract of Centella asiatica has shown, in some study on pregnant women, a 22% reduction in the incidence of stretch marks.

How should anti-stretch mark removal cream be applied?

It is very important to apply the cream, once or twice a day and, if possible, always perform, after starting treatments, an exfoliation in the area to eliminate the keratin corneal layer and thus activate the micro circulation as much as possible. with the application of topical treatments and products. In addition, it will be very beneficial for the final result.

Is it true that there are certain components of anti stretch mark removal creams that are best not used by pregnant women?

Retinoids are not recommended in pregnant women.

Are post-stretch mark removal creams useful for anything?

In the topical treatments, a multitude of treatments have been evaluated that act by stimulating the fibroblasts to the synthesis of collagen and that have a certain efficacy, but only for the red striae (with a quite unpredictable effect in the white striae).



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