The Scientific Reason Why Making Your Bed Is A Terrible Idea

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We have said many times on our channel that, to have good health, it is necessary to have a good night’s sleep.

And to make sure that you will sleep well, it is important to have a good mattress, a good pillow, and leave your bed unmade.

Huh, leave the bed unmade? Did you know that?

If you are one of those people who forget or don’t have time to make your bed when you get up in the morning, there is no need to be ashamed anymore. Quite the opposite.

When someone calls you lazy or messy, you can say, full of pride, that you are just taking care of your health. But, how?

That’s right. According to research conducted by Kingston University, in England, leaving your bed unmade for up to 3 hours after getting up is a way to get rid of the mites that live on it.

Did you know that a bed can carry up to 1.5 million mites?

And, if that wasn’t enough, leaving your bed unmade also helps eliminate the odors and humidity created during the night, which avoids allergies and respiratory issues.

And it also increases the life duration of your bed linen.

According to this study, a well-made bed, which is hot, humid and dark (in between the sheets), offers the perfect conditions for mites to develop and procreate.

Allergies, coughing, sneezes, throat itching can all be signals of mites in your bed.

According to the researchers, the ideal scenario for mites to develop is when you are on your bed, which makes the environment hot and humid through perspiration.

However, these numbers can be reduced during the day, if you leave your bed unmade, giving it some time to “breathe”.

An unmade bed is usually colder and drier than a well-made bed, killing the mites by dehydration.

But even this mess has some limits: not making your bed is not the same thing as never changing your bedding, ok? Otherwise, mites will reproduce even more.

Besides that, people say that making your bed is one of the main signs of organization and discipline.

Just getting into the habit of making your bed will result in other positive habits for your routine and health.

If you want to learn how to naturally clean your mattress, and prevent these tiny, but very harmful bugs, watch the video that is being suggested to you right now.

Now, tell us: Do you make your bed when you get up in the morning?

Did you know that it could affect your health?


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