This Is The Best Water Filter For Your Health, Here’s Why…

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Nowadays, there’s a lot to talk about the benefits of drinking water. But the truth is that not everybody is able to drink good and clean water.

You can’t trust the quality of tap water everywhere. That’s why using a filter is the best solution.

But, which filter should we use in order to get clean water? Did you know that boiling water is still one of the best ways to purify your water?

Besides this old method, clay and ceramics filters are the best filtration means in the world, according to the american book “The Drinking Water Book”.

The traditional clay filter is efficient enough to retain chlorine, pesticides, iron and aluminum.

Are you interested? Want to know how the clay filter work?

The filtration happens with gravity through a ceramics candle. In other words, the water stays in the upper part of the filter, then passes through the candle made by a porous material capable of blocking chloride, iron, pesticides, lead, aluminum and other chemicals and finally goes, slowly, to the filter tap.

Besides that, there’s no chemical products added to clean the water in the clay filter, which improves even more the quality of the water you’re drinking.

Another advantage is that water is always fresh. Because of the facing of clay, the filter can keep the water up to five degrees colder than the room temperature.

Also, the system is economic, because it doesn’t need electricity in it; and the candles arecheaper than the refills from modern filters.

Want to know how to take care of your clay filter?

You must clean the candles constantly, every time the water from the tank is over. But don’t clean it with sugar, salt, vinegar or any other chemical product, because they can get in the filtration system.

Remember to change them every 6 months, because they lose their filtration power and that can contaminate the water.

According to experts, you shouldn’t leave the filter directly in sunlight, because it increases water evaporation. Keep it away from humid places, because it makes the transpiration difficult.


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