Travel The World Without Being a Millionaire (or Win the Lottery)

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Who else wants to know how to travel the world cheap? let’s start with the basics: What is traveling for you? 

That is, if you want to have the same comfort as at home, stay at an all-inclusive resort, pay expensive tour packages, eat at restaurants and spend full afternoons shopping.

Most likely, travel is a luxury reserved for those who have savings or do not mind getting into debt for 10 years.

However, I feel that the more money you have, the more needs you invent. This way you lose the perspective of the real value of things.

1. Before the ‘travel the world’ trip

travel the world

You need to have a lot of desire and be willing to do everything to travel the world.

Since you made the decision, a savings plan begins that not everyone is willing to follow.

For example, say goodbye to dinners away from home and that nice dress in a showcase , but welcome the extra hours at work, memorize routes and long nights organizing trips on your own.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the difference between a trip of 2 weeks and 2 months to Southeast Asia may not be as big as you thought.

A long, slow trip is cheaper than a short and fast one .

If you buy tickets with time, if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, if you spend Christmas or New Year on the plane and if you do not choose the high season, you may end up paying a third less than the original price.

Not everyone dares to leave the luxuries aside and save for the trip of their lives.

Surely not everyone “would like to live like me” if they knew that to finance my travel the world trips I had to sell my car , give up the only stable job I’ve had in my life, sell bags of used clothes with my friends and leave my apartment to sleep in the My husband’s business.

If before traveling as a parent, you traveled as a tourist you will realize that vacationing with children is too expensive.

However, if you were always a traveler, your children will never be a reason to stop doing what you love.

A traveler carries his shoes until they break, since he manages to spend as little as possible and stay for longer on the route .

I believe that traveling is synonymous with learning because it gives you values ​​that a school does not teach you.

For this reason, it is very important for me that my future children do travel.

2. During the ‘travel the world’ trip travel the world2

The main expenses while traveling are accommodation, food and transportation .

There are also the “extra expenses”, where you should consider incidentals, visas, vaccines (if you need them), toiletries (that end up on the road) or clothes that you need to buy.

About the accommodation, today there are networks of travelers who receive other travelers in their homes as Couchsurfing .

My second trip through Europe would not have been possible without this wonderful system .

It is a very enriching cultural exchange where you live a couple of days with local people who open the doors of their houses for you.

In this way, you soak up their habits and receive recommendations that do not appear in any tourist guide.

Best of all: there is no monetary exchange in between.

If this is not your style, you can always choose hostels that are ideal for those traveling alone.

You do not pay for the room, but for a bed inside a bedroom that you share with other travelers from all over the world.

But if you do not like this idea, you  can rent apartments on Airbnb .

The best thing is that they can spread expenses if several people are traveling,  this ends up being much more convenient than paying for a night in a hotel.

Finally, camping will always be the cheapest option. Many travelers even ask homeowners if they can put a tent in their garden.

And, why pay for a 5 star hotel, if you can have millions on your head?

About food, you will always have hundreds of options such as going to restaurants, food stalls on the street or cooking in your hostel / house for those who receive you.

I think it’s too much to explain that if you choose restaurants, you will invest a large part of your budget.

Surely you will already be questioning if street food is reliable, but the only way to find out – besides your intuition – is to observe.

If the position is full of locals, it means that it is good and cheap .

Another point in favor is that the chef is right in front of you and you can see if his hands are clean or with gloves.

For this reason, in India I avoided eating on the street, since dirty hands with long nails and oil of dubious reputation, did not give me much confidence.

3. Transportation

travel the world 3

At this point you can spend / save as much as you want to travel the world.

That is, you can go from hitchhiking to paying for first class on the most luxurious airline you can find .

But do not be scared, most choose medium terms such as buses, trains or public transport.

For this reason, the budget for transport is always very relative depending on the way you travel.

If you want to spend as little as possible you should make some effort such as walking considerable distances with the backpack on your shoulder (another point to travel with light luggage), do not take taxis to the exit of the airport and prefer public transport.

You will also have to bargain and even fight for a good price.

If you want comfort to travel the world and a quick solution, you probably prefer another type of transport that costs more dollars , but I warn you that the level of adrenaline and the “surprise factor” go down considerably.

There are other types of travelers that to stay for years on the road, decide to volunteer or take Working Holiday Visas to go for long periods of time, save and continue traveling .

There is also another type of globetrotter who settles down during a season to take care of incredible houses, while they stay and feed there.

This is known as Housesitting (and there is also Petsitting to look after pets). These are some pages to register:  Trusted Housesitters ,  Mind My House  and  Luxury Housesitting .

Another option is to do Woofing , which consists of working on farms in exchange for lodging and food.

4. After the ‘travel the world’ trip

travel the world 4


You must meet the challenge of returning without debt. That is, the trip is paid during the trip, not later .

While this implies testing our creativity and ability to adapt, the idea is to adapt to the budget that counts and not overspend.

Forget the idea of ​​paying later for the credit card! Being paid up to 6 months after the great adventure takes away 6 months of savings for an upcoming trip.

As you can see, to travel the world, you only need to have desire and will.

If there is not enough money, but traveling is within your priorities, the lack of money will never be an excuse for not doing it.

And remember that for a traveler, a day of savings in the present, is a day of travel in the future …


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