Vaccine for China Travel – Recommended and Required Vaccinations

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If you are planning to travel to China surely you have asked yourself what health measures or the vaccine for china travel you should take into account to make your trip as safe and pleasant as possible.

When we decide to visit a totally different country to which we live, with a different, exotic gastronomy or with poor areas prone to the spread of diseases, it is important to organize your trip but also to know the risks and preventive measures of safety and health.

In this article, we show you vaccine for china travel and some health recommendations.

Steps to follow:
1. To travel to China , there is no legally required vaccine for china travel. But, being a country with precarious and very poor rural areas, it is advisable to take some prevention vaccines to avoid the spread of the most common diseases.
2. The vaccine to travel to China most suggested if we plan to leave the tourist areas to get into the poorer parts, is the vaccine against cholera .
In addition to this vaccine for china travel, it is recommended to get vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis , another of the diseases acquired in rural areas of the country.
3. In addition to vaccines against the most common diseases in China, we suggest you apply other vaccines for diseases of worldwide distribution.
In some seasons of the year there have been sporadic outbreaks of spring-summer encephalitis , so we recommend that you apply this vaccine in an International Vaccination Center.
As for the most common diseases worldwide, we suggest vaccine for china travel against hepatitis A and B, diphtheria and tetanus. If your trip is limited only to visit the most touristic parts of this country, we also suggest these vaccines.
4. Due to low hygienic conditions and poor sanitary control of animals in some rural areas of the country, if you decide to travel to China as a volunteer or humanitarian reasons, vaccines against typhoid fever and rabies are equally recommended .
 It is very important to be informed of the health risks and the necessary vaccines to travel to China, in order to avoid possible infections.
5. Do not forget to drink bottled water if you leave the tourist areas of China and enter the rural or poorer parts of the country.
 The lack of forestry in this country and the increase of its infrastructures, causes that its water contains a high degree of contamination, to which your body may not be accustomed and feel bad.
6. Remember that the way of handling food and cuisine in China is totally different from the rest.
So it is recommended that you take with you a basic medical kit with stomach protectors to avoid burning and irritation of the stomach.
Take a stomach protector every morning before eating any food. Add to the kit pills and other medications to treat diarrhea in case your body can not tolerate food.
7. When you travel to an unknown country, totally different from yours, it is very important to take care of your health and take all possible prevention measures to avoid the spread of diseases.
So, if you decide to travel to China , stay in a safe hotel and apply the recommended vaccines to travel to China.

Follow all these safety and prevention recommendations and do not miss any of the corners of this beautiful country.

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