Master Lower Back Stretches Without Breaking A Sweat

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Improve Lower Back Stretches In 7 creative ways

It is possible that you are suffering from pain in your lower back, here are seven techniques to improve lower back stretches to help relief the pain. Both day and night no matter what you are doing, whether you are sitting or standing, lying down, walking or running.

It is statistically proven that approximately 80% of people experience this pain at some point in their lives. And if you have spent enough time suffering those discomforts in your back , perhaps you have forgotten what it feels like to live without pain.

Discover some of the most common causes of lower back pain , along with the best exercises you can perform in such an important area of ​​your body.

 Lower back Stretches

What are the main causes of low back pain?

Before discovering the best lower back stretches , it is important to know its main causes of lower back pain :

1. Spend a lot of time sitting
On average, we sit about 8 hours per day, and in some cases there are people who do it for 15 hours. By being in a chair for so long, our hip muscles become tighter and shorter, the hamstrings become less elastic , and the buttocks are practically unused.

In this way the lower back has to take over, doing more than keeping us upright. In short, this lifestyle guarantees that, sooner or later, you will have an episode of lumbalgia.

Lower back stretches

2. Carry activities that add tension
Activities that add tension, such as uncomfortable bending and twisting, standing for a long time and sleeping in inappropriate positions also contribute to pain.

3. Executing workouts inappropriately
Performing a workout incorrectly or when you are not in the conditions to execute it also adds tension to your back. The best examples are the following:

Lift heavy weights.
Execute training too intense.
Bad technique when executing squats and deadlifts.

4. Weakness in the abdominal muscles
A weakness in the muscles of the core can lead to lower back pain. For that, the best thing is to strengthen it .
However people with chronic problems of the lower back have seen their ailments disappear with stretching exercise. That is why some have joined 20 minutes of stretching yoga every day.

exercises to stretch the lower back

7 best exercises to stretch the lower back

1. Turn on your knees
Stand on your back with arms outstretched on both sides in such a way that your body is T-shaped. Then place your knees together and bring them to your chest.
Now, with your shoulders pressing firmly on the floor, slowly lower your knees to the left side. Hold the position for two minutes and bring the knees back to the center.
Repeat with the other side.

knee exercise for lower back pain

2. The cobra
Lie on your stomach, with your forearms and elbows below your shoulders.
Bring the weight down through the palms and the tips of the feet.
Firmly press the pelvic bone on the floor.
Breathe deeply and hold the position for two to three minutes.

exercises to stretch the lower back

3. Seated twists
Holding your left seat armrest and keeping your back rect on , turn the right side of your body to the armrest and hold for one minute.
Then do the same with the other side.
For extra benefit perform the rotation with the right elbow pointing to the outside of your left leg, and vice versa.

4. Pose of the pigeon
Stand in four-legged position with your face facing the ground.
Lift the left knee under the chest at an angle of almost 90 degrees below your torso.
Then, with the left hand placed on the right hand at eye level, lower your forehead to rest in your hands. You should feel the stretch in the buttocks .Hold the position for three minutes and then swap legs.

5. Legs on top of the wall
Place the gluteus against the wall. Then bring your legs up and place them straight and against the wall. You should feel all the muscles of the back and upper thighs relax .
Hold the position for 10 minutes.

exercises to stretch the lower back

6. Hamstring stretch in the supine position
Lying on your back, bend your left knee to the ceiling, and place a towel or strap around your left heel. Then straighten the leg, while pressing through the heel.
If your back starts to feel a bit uncomfortable, bend the right knee and keep the heel on the floor near the back for support.
Hold the position for three minutes, and do the same with the other leg.

7. Threading the needle
With the knees together facing the ceiling, cross the left leg over the right, so that your left ankle is in contact with the right knee.
Now, clasp your hands under your right knee, and slowly bring your right knee to your chest with your hands. You should feel the stretch in the left gluteus.
Hold the position for three minutes, before exchanging sideways.

7 exercises to stretch the lower back

Like all exercises, these lower back stretches do not necessarily offer immediate results, but the perseverance and dedication to perform them correctly will guarantee remarkable improvements in a few weeks. In addition the low back stretches can do wonders in the disappearance and prevention of the oppression and pain of this area of ​​the body so delicate.



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