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What is True Love and its Signs

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Do you really want answers to the question, what is true love? This  article will help you!

True love, the one that really fills you and gives meaning to your life, is the one that comes from you, not the one that enters.

Whether others love you or not is not very important to you, what really matters is whether you love or not.

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I think it is important to make this deep reflection: in the bottom of your heart, that others love you or not do not care too much . What you really want is to love.

The love of others has only a small value for us, and it is that it is easier for us to love when we feel loved . It is easier for us to be kind when they are kind to us, and it is easier for us to love a person if we are reciprocated.

Almost without realizing it, we have become accustomed to looking for these situations where loving is easier. We have become accustomed to looking for situations where they love us, because this makes it easier for us to love. It is logical, we all try to always make things easier for us. The problem is that we have reached a point where practically we only know how to love if they love us. And because of this we believe that we need the love of others.

We believe that love only appears in our lives when someone gives it to us.

But it is not like that at all. The love that comes from outside has almost no important effect on our life. You can be surrounded by people who adore you, but if you do not love, you will feel sad and decayed. What is true love?

On the other hand, when you love, your life fills with color. The love that really has strength for you is the one that comes from within you.

And the most important thing is that you do not need anyone to love you to let your love flow. You do not need anyone to open the doors to let you out.

You do not need anyone to give you permission to love.

Your love is yours, and you love when you want.

This is true love. Yours.

what is true love characteristics

what is true love and its signs.

But what are the characteristics of true love? What are the requirements for lasting love? Below you can find a list with 40 singularities of genuine love :

    1. It is an unconditional love and, therefore, is based on the acceptance of the other person, both in his past and in the present.
    2. It is mutual because it requires that the two members of the couple feel the same.
    3. He is generous. The person cares to give and gives his whole heart.
    4. It is healthy, that is, it is not an asymmetric or dependent love. Each person has their own autonomy.
    5. It does not make you suffer, that is, it is not a toxic love and it does not hurt. You feel lucky.
    6. It lasts forever. It can go through bad times, but because of its intensity it lasts forever.
    7. It is respectful and the two people who love each other are treated in a tolerant and attentive manner.
    8. It provokes a deep emotional connection that is what keeps the relationship alive despite the bad times that may arise.
    9. He is brave and doubts are overcome with courage. The first is the other person.
    10. It is intense. The feeling is not only profound, but its intensity provokes emotions of great magnitude.
    11. It is built over time. True love is gaining ground over the years.
    12. It feeds on compassion and, therefore, is tender and altruistic.
    13. It encourages negotiation and dialogue, because each member of the couple does their part to understand the needs of the other person.
    14. We are ourselves and that is one of the keys. When you love yourself, then you can love others.
    15. That person makes you laugh and makes you feel good.
    16. It is free and without ties. Nobody imposes.
    17. It allows communication and the two people put their part to understand each other.
    18. He knows how to listen to what the other needs and what they both need.
    19. The two people complement each other and support each other.
    20. It does not judge and it is realistic.
    21. It is romantic and keeps the flame alive in time. Put on your part to make it happen.
    22. It is detailed and makes the partners show their love.
    23. It is passionate and they maintain intimate contact.
    24. It is not to find oneself in the other person or is dependent.
    25. First you have to love yourself to be able to love others.
    26. It is natural and things happen without forcing them.
    27. To give it, you have to receive it. It is a love that gives.
    28. It is a friendship with erotic moments. The two members are great friends and share great moments.
    29. It is commitment, sincerity and honesty.
    30. It has no limits, because true love can with everything.
    31. Distance does not matter. The people you want meet.
    32. It has shared objectives and the two members are on the same path.
    33. Overcome any ups and downs that may arise and there are no conditions.
    34. There are no victims, because the members have enough trust and respect.
    35. You have to live it and not let time pass.
    36. It takes away your sleep when you are not with the person you love.
    37. He wants you as you are and not as he would like you to be.
    38. Forgive quickly no matter how big the error was.
    39. It is your best support and is the person who is by your side in good times and bad times.
    40. You have to work it. It does not happen overnight.

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