What To Do When Bored – a list of things and activities.

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Are you wondering what to do when bored? Read This!

Several years ago, when I was going through difficult times and everything was boring, my therapist recommended me to read ” Your Erroneous Zones ” by Dr. Wayne W Dyer.

This book changed my life in many ways, but one of my key points has to do with boredom.

I’m never bored In fact, the word “boredom” does not even exist in my vocabulary. I can not remember the last time I used it!

Like happiness, I think boredom is a decision, and Dyer thinks the same.

He says that boredom is a variant of procrastination and that you can eliminate it by doing something else with your mind at the time boredom attacks.

“Whatever you choose now,” Dyer explains, “or using your mind in new and creative ways, you can ensure that you will never choose boredom for yourself again.

The decision, as always, is yours ”

what to do when bored

Although at first it may seem like a strange or crazy idea, once you get into the habit of keeping busy, you will never be bored again or you’ll know what to do when bored.

To encourage you with your experiment to eradicate the boredom of your life, I have made this list of 96 things that you can do the next time you find yourself thinking “Oh god, I’m bored.” Add it to favorites now and you can check it again later!

1.- Go for a walk
Challenge yourself to leave your phone in your purse or pocket. Admire the view. Stop and smell the flowers

2.- Order a small set of dumbbells over the internet
The next time you get bored, take them and tone your arms

3.- Organize something
You do not have to do a big project like organizing your closet.

Instead, choose something small and manageable-the drawer of your underwear, the spice drawer in your kitchen or that full bookcase-so it will not intimidate you. Get rid of things.

4.- Wash your clothes
You’ll thank me later when you have clean clothes to go to the gym.

5.- Speaking of gym, go!
Are you paying for that membership, right? That pass is not going to be used alone, so find a class that starts in the next half hour and go to it

6.- Visit unroll.me
And delete your subscription to all those emails you never read or want to receive

7.- Do something!
Search your pantry and your refrigerator.

Use the ingredients you have on hand to make a delicious salad. It incorporates grains, rice, spices, nuts and cheese. You can eat it at breakfast the next day.

8.- Paint your nails
We all have some colors at hand. Take your favorite and get a manicure.

9.- Do squats
Here is a great YouTube video of a 10-minute routine . Prepare those bikinis, because you’ll see spectacular with them

10.- Watch some music videos
Here are some of my favorites for you to start: “Downtown” by Macklemore, “Let’s have a Kiki” by Scissor Sisters, “Hideaway” by Kiesza and “Ego” by Beyoncé

11.- Experiment with your hair
Practice making curls with a plate or moisten it and put those Velcro rolls. Find out if you can find a new look. That’s what to do when bored.

12.- Strengthen your brain
Become an account in Luminosity and play a couple of mental games

13.- Change the arrangement of something
You can give another style to your coffee table. Move the pillows from your sofa to your bedroom. Put the crystal lamp in another place.

14.- Read a book
I’m sure there’s a book hanging around your house that you’ve never read. Find it and read the first chapter.

Or start that classic (The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, etc) that you’ve always wanted to read.

15.- Call an old friend
One that you have not called for a long time. Get up to date or leave a nice message in the mailbox.

16.- Make a video call
With that best friend who always texted but lives in another city. Tell him about your day.

17.- Update your curriculum .
Even if you’re not looking for a new job, make sure it’s up to date. Add some recent achievement

18.- Send a postcard to your grandparents .
It will be even better if you write it by hand, tell them how your life is going, tell them that you love them and that you expect to see them soon.

Put a postal stamp and send it.

19.- Make a vision board .
Cover a piece of cardboard with images and words that cut out from old magazines. The images and words should be what you foresee for your future.

20.- Test your pulse by painting .
Find an image of coloring by numbers that you like, print it, put on your Picasso hat and start painting.

When you finish, you can give the drawing to your mother or your aunt as a gift.

21.- Stretch .
Here is one of my favorite routines. Do it and your muscles will feel great.

22.- Take a bubble bath .
Why not? Go, relax

23.- Create a profile for online dating .
On a page or an app that you have never tried before.

24.- Meditate .
Download a free app and follow the instructions until you learn to be in harmony with your breathing, body, heart and mind.

25.- Learn something new .
Or something that you have known and have forgotten.

Use your skills in google to learn about the reproduction cycle of salmon, how to use Photoshop, the life of Óscar de la Renta, what are the capitals of the 32 states or what you can think of. Good tip – what to do when bored.

26.- Create a puzzle .
Or a crossword! They are free in any newspaper.

27.- Find a Podcast .
One that you love, download a lot of episodes and listen to them all.

28.- Make lists.
List your goals, what you’re looking for in a couple, dishes you want to learn to do, clothes you’d like to buy for spring, places you’d like to visit, etc. And read them later.

29.- Download the Bitmoji app.
If you have not done it yet. Make your own personalized emoji and send funny messages to your friends.

30.- Write a poem.
Mother’s Day is coming. Write a poem about how great your mom is, put it in a place where you do not miss it and give it to her on May 10th.

31.- Make a cocktel.
Find out how to make your favorite drink. Go get the ingredients and make it at home.

32.- Write an email to someone you admire.
Or someone you’re proud of. Go and make the day a friend, a relative or a colleague.

33.- Look for places to volunteer.
The next time you feel bored, go to a place that sounds interesting.

34.- Plan a party.
Because life is too short not to plan parties. Do you need a reason? Here are 31 reasons to plan a party for no reason

35.- Take a nap.
Naps have many health benefits. Go, rest.

36.- Write some love notes.
On small pieces of paper, hide them between your partner’s things or your crush.

37.- Create a loving package.
For a younger friend or a relative who is in college.

Include some candy, a couple of magazines, a Starbucks gift card, and items that you no longer wear that you think you’ll love.

38.- The coloring book that was given to you at Christmas?
Take it out and channel your inner child with markers and crayons.

39.- Clean your windows.
When was the last time you cleaned your windows? Can not you remember? Take the Windex, a rag and wash them now!

40.- Listen to music.
Pon Happy from Pharrell and be happy!

41.- Watch TV.
It is acceptable to crush in front of the television, besides, right now all the best shows are coming back after the winter breaks.

42.- Get up to date.
Read some current news about events that are happening in the world, from Syria to Korea.

43.- Start a Blog.
WordPress has many precious templates.

44.- Get lost on Pinterest.
You can find thousands of ideas about anything you want to do.

45.- Write in your journal.
Write what is happening in your life and how you feel at this moment. Practice gratitude! If you do not like to write, you can record voice notes.

46.- Kitchen for a loved one.
Surprise your loved one with a special homemade dinner or call your cousin and invite her to make chicken strips. Go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients and start cooking!

47.- Look at some old photos.
Or whole albums. Remember fondly the past.

48.- Learn a new language.
It is enough that you learn a couple of words a day

49.- Go to a garden.
Almost all cities have some kind of botanical garden. Find one with lots of flowers and see to be in harmony with nature.

50.- Put your favorite song
Put it to full volume and start dancing. If you prefer to sing, put on your favorite Disney song and sing it all out loud!

51.- Browse by Style me pretty.
Make a private Pinterest board of images that you would like to include in your wedding.

52.- Are you already married?
Browse MyDomaine and make a private Pinterest board of images that you would like to include in your home.

53.- Make a movie.
Take your iPhone and start recording. Upload it to YouTube and share it with your friends and family.

54.- Make iventarios.
Take inventory of your closet, your movies or your collections of bags or shoes. That way you’ll find them faster when you need them.

55.- Start with a new project.
One that you have been wanting to do for months. Take your boots for new heels, Sell the old vacuum cleaner you never use!

56.- Go to the library.
Cooking, history, fiction … find a section of books that you like, look at some of them and take them home to read.

57.- Start a garden.
Even if you do not have a patio, plant some herbs in a pot.

58.- Plan your next trip.
Do you want to visit Spain in the fall? Start looking for hotels and tickets now.

59.- Create a time capsule.
Bury it in the depths of your closet. Forget about her and be amazed at her when you move.

60.- Make floral arrangements.
Go to the florist and buy a bouquet of flowers. Put them in a vase and enjoy them all week.

61.- Create an emergency plan for you.
Make a backpack with first aid items, water bottles, old tennis shoes and non-perishable food. Trace evacuation routes if there is a fire or an earthquake.

62.- Learn how to tie a tie.
Surprise the gentlemen in your life with your skills the next time you go to a wedding.

63.- Study a map of your neighborhood.
Memorize the streets five blocks around.

64.- Make a list of pros and cons of having children.
Take it seriously. Put it in a safe place, when you consider being a mother, take it out and read it.65.-

65.- Buy online.
Find a carpet, mirror, curtain or wall clock you want and order it.

66.- Offer help to a friend.
Offer to make dinner, help him clean his house or just listen to him.

67.- Sign up for a class.
Improve your calligraphy, learn hip hop. Attend at least five sessions.

68.- Clean your makeup brushes.
It’s a bad idea not to do it regularly, so take them and dip them in a glass of warm, soapy water.

Leave them like this for an hour or two and then rinse them until they are clean and let them dry.

69.- Look at the photos on your phone.
Delete all those that you no longer need. That’s what to do when bored.

70.- Learn the military alphabet.
Its official name is the phonetic alphabet of NATO, sure you’ve heard: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Eco …. The next time you have to spell something on the phone, you’re going to impress everyone.

71.- Learn to massage your feet.
Surprise someone dear.

72.- Join a recreational sports team.
You can easily find a little team to join, usually after playing, everyone goes for a drink. It’s a great way to meet new people.

73.- Make a reservation.
In that restaurant everyone talks about, even if there’s only room in three months.

74.- Browse through Zillow.
And look for the house of your dreams.

75.- Adopt a pet.
Go to the nearest shelter and see if there is a cat or dog you want to add to your family.

76.- Search for crime maps in your city.
And see if serious crimes have occurred in your neighborhood and take your precautions.

77.- Search for reviews.
From the restaurant you will go to next week.

78.- Prepare your Halloween costume.
It is never too early for it. Maybe you and your boyfriend can be Leia and Han Solo. Whatever you decide, start planning it!

79.- Plan your next trip for girls.
Write to your squad of best friends and propose a trip to a nearby town in the next month.

80.- Read about the wine you like.
Know how it is done, who are the best producers and what is the best to accompany it.

81.- Ask a friend about new bands.
Listen to them and get involved in new types of music. Find out when they will give their next concert in your city and get tickets.

82.- Organize the apps on your phone.
And erase everything you no longer use.

83.- Start watching a sport.
Get excited about the Baseball leagues or start watching the Super Bowl.

84.- Play something.
Take out a board game, a pack of cards or your computer and play something.

85.- Do some yoga.
A couple of deep breaths and lots of sun salutations are an excellent way to distract your mind.

86.- Make a photo session.
Take photos of something you like very much: food, your apartment or your dog. Edit them and share them on Instagram.

87.- Look for photos of baby animals.
And get ready for an overload of tenderness.

88.- Find a way to make more money.
Start a business or get a part-time job.

89.- Write reviews online.
In Yelp or Amazon you can share your opinions about products and services.

90.- Start an Instagram of your pet.
who knows? Your pet could be famous.

91.- Make yourself a dessert
Make cookies with chocolate chips, an impossible cake or a banana bread. And surprise a loved one with your creations.

92.- Update your gadgets.
Make sure you are using the latest operating system on your phone and your computer.

93.- Drink a whole glass of water.
Dehydration can make you slow. If you are tired and bored, drink a glass and drink it.

94.- Update your personal finances.
Check your savings and bank accounts.

95.- Challenge yourself.
Explore new projects, create a new habit, plant a new objective, think outside the box.

96.- Print this list.
Use scissors to cut it into individual pieces and put them in a shoe box. The next time you’re bored, take a piece of paper and do what you say.

Share these great tips on what to do when bored with all your friends so they do not get bored!

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