Where is Dubai – Map, images, Facts and tips

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Dubai is the capital of one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Where is Dubai is a question that we have asked many times, the reason is because when we were little we were not taught in Geography class.

Because Dubai is growing as a tourist destination, many people before going there will ask, ‘where is dubai?’

Where is Dubai - Map, images and tips

Dubai’s position in the world
As you can see in the picture Dubai is at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula .

Dubai borders on the south with the emirate of Abu Dhabi, with the one of Sharjah for the northeast and with Omán by the south-east, through the exclave of Hatta, that also makes border with Ajmán by the west and of Ras al-Khaima by the north .

The Gulf bathes the west coast of Dubai.

where is dubai

Where is Dubai in particular
How you can see in the detail image Dubai, is located in the west of the Arabian Peninsula, in one of the best enclaves of this dry place in the world.

Undoubtedly, the money has turned Dubai into a kind of paradise prepared for you to fully enjoy your surroundings.

Where is Dubai located Itinerary and guide – What to visit in Dubai 

In this infographic we will explain in a very visual way, the things you can not miss if you go to Dubai, we will also explain it in a very visual way with images and photos of the most fashionable city in the world.

Starting with the island of palm trees and ending with the most luxurious hotel in the world Burj al Arab.

Dubai is a city of tinsel, artifical, luxury for luxury, boasting and an absolute lack of control of urban growth and environmental sustainability.

20% of the world’s cranes are in this city in the middle of the desert.

What to visit in Dubai - Dubai Guide

If you want to work in Dubai you have to take some things into account. To be able to work in Dubai it is necessary to fulfill a series of requirements.

The most important requirement is the need to have a work visa and to get one it is necessary to have a work contract, therefore the company would have to manage everything.

The visa will determine the time you can work in Dubai . In addition, it is very important to know English thoroughly.

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